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Welcome to a blended momma where our mission is

Helping Moms Through Motherhood & Helping “StepMoms” become Bonus Mommas!

Hello There!

You see, I believe we(stepmoms) actually didn’t step on or over anyone, in fact we are simply just an ADDED BONUS, therefore the term, Bonus Momma, fits accordingly.

(Yes, I do realize this is for most but NOT all cases!)

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Looking for Something Special? For your convenience i have separATed some of the specific topics into their own pages featuring that topics most popular posts such as:

top posts for bonus mommas

My top recommended blogging resources

Just for moms


Start a Mom Blog 

On the blog you will find post featuring topics such as:

Around the house: cleaning, organizing etc

Marriage and relationships

kid stuff

My product reviews & much more

See it all on the blog!!


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