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I don’t know about you all but promoting a service or product should mean something!

On my site I NEVER promote anything I don’t trust myself!

With that being said here are some trusted and amazing resources for you!

note: some of the links below I am an Affiliate for! Which means if any product is purchased through my link I will recieve a small commission off of it at NO COST to you! So thank you! However, as I said above just because I am an Affliate doesn’t mean I don’t state honest opinions. I never promote anything I don’t trust myself!


for hosting sites:


Siteground Hosting

♡ Siteground

This is my choice & who i use for hosting! Get a hefty discount using my link here⬇

If you want my full review on Siteground you can see that here

StudioPress Sites

♡Studiopress by copyblogger media

If i didn’t have Siteground, studiopress would be what i went with. They have the second best speed, security, and options. Plus they work with the genesis framework themes. You can browse or switch to studiopress at a discount using my link ⬇

If you want examples of studiopress themes check out my post here 

Email Marketing


 MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business




♡Mailer lite

mailer lite is who i use for my email marketing currently. I also use them for landing pages, embedded forms, and pop ups! I have the forever FREE plan & Love it! Get YOUr forever free plan + a $20 credit by using my link here ⬇

for examples of what they offer, check out my subscribe button on the frONt PAGE or this free landing page by mailer lite here 








♡OpTin mOnster

optin monster is aNother great email marketing network. Like mailer lite, there is a WordPress plugin for this choice as well. Get your free trial using my link here ⬇


Improvely Marketing Analytics


this is an amazing analytic system, measures your traffic, conversions & more. Def a good tool to use when starting out and figuring out your audience. Get your free trial with my link here ⬇

Creating courses & webinars












  i absolutely Love thinkrific for creating & selling courses! It’s so easy to use and they allow you to utilize CLICKFUNNElls and webhooks on the free trial! Start your free professional trial with my link hERe ⬇


i know you have had to hear about clickfunnells? ThIs is literally they way to go when trying to use conversIOns that really work!! This guy who created this website is a total genius! Get a free 14 day Trial from only using my link here ⬇


Courses to take online

♡Pinterest ninja

this is the ultimate guide to pinning like a geniius. This is the first thing i would reccomend you taking when trying to really boost your mom blog! Learn more here ⬇

If you want to see what exactly Pinterest ninja is all about you can read my review here

♡understanding communication in any relationship & toddler and preschool course-by Nichols Swartz

These are two courses from the imperfect families own Nichols swartz. These courses are so high in demand they are only open  couple times a year! To Get my link or check OUt more info here & here

♡A Beautiful mess- blogging  & photography courses

these courses are made for people just like us! Check them out here ⬇


Kadenze brings together educators, artists, and engineers from leading universities across the globe to provide world-class education in the fields of art and creative technology.

Affiliate marketing


 this is an awesome affiliate program they have Tons of brands to work with and you don’t have to have a huge website to join! Sign up through my link today here ⬇


This is the market that has products and services to promote that are digital such as courses etc. Sign up here ⬇

♡Ultimate bundles affiliate program

This is my favorite affiliate program! These bundles are only Avaiable certain times but the deals you get to promote are amazing. They are Basically roundups of the whole years best digital products marked down to 97% off retail!! Sign up through my link and be eligible FOR their next bundle +all the giveaways and extra my link is here ⬇

♡Styled stock society 

This is an affiliate program for stock photos that i use personally and promote as well. I love this company as well! You can get my link here and Get this months free photos for signing up ⬇

Society media automatic posting systems

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

♡tailwind app

I love tailwind its an automated system for Pinterest and Instagram! It had boosted my two platforms more than u realized it would! Use my link and get a whole month FREE! My link is here

Random other resources



tHis is a cash Back Rebate app: I seriously think Ibotta will always be one of my favorite resources! How can you beat a FREE app that you EARN money on?? Plus, just signing up with my link gives you a FREE $10 use my link⬇

Checkout 51 Home

♡checkOut 51

this another cashback reWard app that can be used right along with ibotta to increase your earnings even more! I don’t find as many deals for myself on here as ibotta But i do find them regularly! Use my link to sign up for FRee here ⬇



♡Cozi app

If you need to get yourself, your kids, or even your husband, organized, this free app is the next resource you need to use!! This has free Printables, shared calendars, meal planning and recipe sheets, etc. Get the Cozi app free with my link here + get tons of holiday Printables for free today! My links here ⬇

OurFamilyWizard can help you, learn more now.

♡our family wizard app

If your in a shared parenting Co-Parenting/separating or divorcing situation this is the resource for you!! Check it out free with my link hERe

Shop, save and earn rewards

♡my points 

this is aNother cash back reward program except this is oNLy for online shopping, not instore. The plus side is they hAVe more ways to Earn than just shopping: surveys,  polls, bonus point emails, etc sign up Free through my link heRe ⬇


If Your looking for any Kinda creative instructional courses then Craftsy is where you NeeD to be. Their expert teachers teach any kind of creative skills you can imagine! Get a free 7 day Trial and access to free courses my Joining the Craftsy community with my link hERe!⬇

I’ll be adding resources as I see fit! Don’t let them go to waste though! Use them, I recommended you!


NOTE: some links may be Affliate links which means if you purchase a product or service through my link I will receive a commission at NO EXTRA COST to you,  so Thanks! Compensation never influences my opinions. I never promote anything I don’t believe in.



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