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What Is A Blended Momma All About?

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My Passion Directed at Moms & Stepmoms!
I have always had a strong passion for helping others anyway I can! Recently, it fell on my heart to direct my passion towards woman like me, who are Moms, Stepmoms, or Both! Hence, the creation of A Blended Momma! I want to help each of you live the BEST version of your lives each and every day!

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Tools & Strategies you Can Count On!
I try to provide plenty of resources in the form of post and articles on the blog, eCourses, Printables, and so much MORE!! Check out the blog page for all my content for both Moms & Stepmoms!

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eCourses & Programs Designed for YOU!
I have several courses I offer for you! Stepmommin' 102: The Ultimate Survival Guide for all StepmomsĀ and the FREE Mini course are currently my main courses for Stepmoms! I am in the process of creating a course specific for the Moms (who aren't Stepmoms) and will let you know as soon as its ready! I have recently started hosting Stepmom Coachng sessions as well as One-on-One Programs such as the Be a Better Stepmom 1 month program! You can see all the sessions and programs available here!

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Connection & Support
I believe as a Mom and a Stepmom it is CRUCIAL to have a support system! I want you to feel free to connect with A Blended Momma in anyway you can! Support systems are especially crucial for those of you who are Stepmoms! This is why I have created a new Private, Stepmom Exclusive Community which serves as a ready-made support system just for you! You can learn more about that here! I would like to extend an invitation for you to stay connected through my newsletter as well which you can do here! There are plenty of other ways to connect with us which you can see below! If you need me or have specific questions, comments, or concerns please email me at [email protected]

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