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First things first, let me say I am SO happy you stopped by today!

My name is Ashlee and I am the creator of A Blended Momma!

I get the question a lot about the name of my website and what it means…you see I am a Bio Mom of two girls AND a Stepmom of one boy, therefore I am a Blended Momma!

Which brings us to my next point, what my website can offer you! Throughout my entire life, I have always had a passion for helping others and I hope to succeed that passion through my website & products!

A Blended Momma provides both products and services that can help you as a Mom and as a Stepmom!

Now, that you know WHO I am and WHAT A Blended Momma is, head over to the MENU and select BLOG and catch up on posts I have written in the past! You may notice on the menu under BLOG,  introduction pages for Moms + Stepmoms (here) and one for Stepmoms only (here), this is just to highlight each sections MOST IMPORTANT content at the moment!

However, ALL the content can ALWAYS be found under the BLOG section combined. I hope no one is confused, just navigate to the MAIN MENU and you will see what I just explained!

I am positive something will catch your eye! 🙂


Next up on the agenda, is connecting with me on all my platforms so you never miss a beat!

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We would LOVE to have you!

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Have any interest in learning more about a particular topic? I have TONS of amazing courses (paid & free) that are ALL worth every dime and second you put into them!

See ALL the current courses, offers, and more ways to increase your knowledge by visiting this page–>Current Courses, Events, & Learning Opportunities be sure to look at the items found below this page on the MENU as well!

stepmommin' 102

I must point out my NEWEST and favorite course offer YET! Head over and check out this MASSIVE course I have created specifically for Stepmoms! This course is so inclusive it will take you weeks to complete, but I don’t want you to rush! You have LIFETIME ACCESS so really don’t rush!

Stepmommin’ 102: The New & Improved Ultimate Survival Guide for All Stepmoms!

The course isn’t ALL if the offer though, what helps make this course offer my favorite is this:

Enrolled students of Stepmommin 102 have a 1 month FREE no obligation, trial membership to The Bonus Mom Club!

Perhaps you’re wondering what that is exactly? Let me explain..

This is a BRAND NEW  Private Stepmom Exclusive Community that I have created to be a ready-made support system that will be beneficial to ALL Stepmoms(-new & existing!!)

Get the FULL details here






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Whew are you tired from all those steps? Me too!

I would still LOVE for you to take just a second longer & feel free to introduce yourself either in the comments on here or on Social media!

I LOVE meeting new people and hearing all of your unique interests and stories!!

I can’t wait to chat soon!

Oh ya, I also now offer Stepmom one-on-one Coaching Sessions and Programs, check them out here or book your sessions below
Click Here for Stepmom Coaching

Thanks again for becoming a part of the A Blended Momma family, I truly appreciate YOU! 

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