Are you Ready to Have the Best *Summer* Ever?


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summer boredom busters

Have you ever experienced a perfect summer? What was included in this fab summer? 

How did you plan or what did you do to prepare for the summer season?

My Blended Family and I LOVE taking family trips to the BEACH! Having 3 kids and a husband who lacks packing skills, I spend TONS of time planning and preparing for these little trips. Sometimes all the prep can end up being time-consuming and a tad bit stressing.

I make checklist which really does help me not forget everything, especially the little things. I start packing the kids bags way in advance except for the items they need daily. If I could only find a less stressful way to prepare for this trip so that I can actually enjoy the trip more it would be AMAZING! 

Time With Your Teen

Honestly, sometimes I really do wish I was naturally carefree like my husband, it seems so freeing. Unfortunately, I am not and probably never will be! However, I can find ways to ease my issue.

I have created these worksheets for you that I am offering for FREE because I know many moms and stepmoms are just like me and NEED ways to ease stressful or time-consuming duties. These worksheets are amazing! 

Included in this free offer is 

Create Your Top 10 Things to Make You Have The BEST SUMMER EVER!

Spring Clean Your Life as a Mom OR Stepmom Today 

21 Questions to Help you Refresh Your Goals Today 

This offer is completely FREE just Click Here to Download yours TODAY!!


Do you have any BEST SUMMER EVER stories to share? I would LOVE to hear them!! Please feel free to share them below!
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