How I Finally Overcame My Fears of Blogging & Had My First Website Up & Running in Only 1 Day!!


How I Finally Overcame My Fears of Blogging & Had My First Website Up & Running in Only 1 Day!!

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Are you a Bonus Mom who has always wanted to start a blog but just wasn’t sure how?

Do you love writing and wouldn’t mind, writing for the world to see, or even to monetize a blog and get paid for doing what you love?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you defiantly should keep reading!!

I was just like you! I wanted to blog badly! I saw all these people writing about topics I knew just as much about, the difference was they got paid to write it!

How could I become one of those mom bloggers and actually make real money writing about my day to day activities just like them? I started digging and found the steps to creating beautiful blogs!

There were tons of choices for hosting and building my website, but which one would actually work?

This one mom wrote in her post to use blogger, and another one said you have to use Bluehost.

I was honestly lost in the decision of which to choose so I did my own research!

This is why I chose siteground and why I believe you should too!

-First and foremost, site grounds support is outrageously better reviewed than any other hosting site I had come across!

This was very important to me, being a complete newbie at blogging I knew I would need the customer service support and with siteground, you get excellent support 24/7.



-The second thing is their uptime and performance! When blogging, this is so important, especially when you begin monetizing your blog.

You do not want your blog to be down, because the only thing that does, is drive customers away. If they cannot rely on your page being up and working when they need it to be. If it’s not, when they are ready to purchase, they’ll go elsewhere.

This is no joke.

Think about it, if you are finally ready to take that leap and purchase an item or enroll in a course and the one time you go to do it, the site is down. That will be your ultimate sign to go elsewhere or you’ll convince yourself you weren’t meant to buy the item or enroll in that course.

Now wouldn’t you?

-The third reason is the limitless options available and top security on all of them! When first starting my blog I had no idea of what options were even out there! By looking at other hosting sites I only gathered there were a few.

Then I found siteground, and my whole blogging world seemed to open up! Siteground has so many different options to chose from and you literally are in control of everything!

These three reasons convinced me to choose siteground as my hosting for my blog. But there are tons of more reasons!

They are super affordable, they have 3 different payment options, and they will personally install WordPress for you!!

All you have to do is ask! Their friendly & quick customer service will have it done exactly right for you in no time!

Want to Learn how to purchase siteground and have your blog up and running in less than 10 minutes? Check out my post on it here


I would love to hear how YOU overcame your blogging fears! Feel free to share them with us below! 

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