The Brand NEW Face Of Gymboree + The #madeyousmile Campaign

Gymboree has taken on an entire NEW LOOK + Help Welcome The #madeyousmile Campaign!

The All NEW Gymboree

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Do you have Gymboree kids? I know my kids sure are!

My kids adore the look and feel and Gymboree just as I do! But now, Gymboree has completely changed just about everything about its former brand and style!! Many of you probably believe this caused problems or for some former Gymboree Kids to shop elsewhere, huh?

My kids are still Gymboree kids! This change has been nothing but positive!

Gymboree has changed just about everything about itself, fortunately, it’s been a really positive change!! Gymboree now has a more modern fresh look and feel to it! My family LOVES it!

One of my oldest daughters favorite changes is, the adorable new mix and match selection!

I guess it’s her age or the time we live in, but mix and match and versatile clothing is a huge rage that my oldest daughter is a #1 fan of!!

Gymboree has made comfort and softness a priority in their clothing!

Here are just a couple of the newest features at Gymboree:

√ The best kids’ jeans ever—super comfortable, soft and durable. 

√ More for baby with the coziest, comfiest fabrics, more neutrals, and modern details. 


Doesn’t all of the new changes sound fabulous? They do to us! Back to school shopping will be an absolute breeze if you shop Gymboree!

Along with these changes, Gymboree is also launching the #madeyousmile campaign and wants to know what makes YOU smile!

I did a “mock” interview in my oldest daughter who is now 8 years old (growing too fast 🙁). Anyway, in the interview,  asked her what has made her smile the most this summer 2018 and this is how the interview played out.

Me: What has #madeyousmile the most this summer (2018)? 

Her: Taking swimming lessons at the community center!

Me: What part of that experience #madeyousmile?

Her: Learning to swim in 10 feet of deep water!

Me: Are there other parts of this experience that #madeyousmile?

Her: YES!!!

Me: Well, what are they?

Her: Having my family there to see and cheer me on!

Me: (almost crying) awe you are so sweet, okay interviews over (so mommy can go cry because her babies are growing up way too fast)

Take some time out of your day, today and ask yourself, your spouse, and/or your kids what has #madethemsmile lately!

You’ll be surprised by some of the answers you’ll get! Once you and your family have all discussed what #madeyousmile capture the moment in a picture and share it to social media using the hashtag #madeyousmile! Be sure to tag myself- @ablendedmomma and @Gymboree in your post!

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I told you my kids LOVE Gymboree right?

Below is a picture of my daughter sporting her FAV Gymboree outfit!

I want to give a HUGE shout-out to the new & FABULOUS style and brand of Gymboree for allowing me to celebrate this time with them and also to participate in the #madeyousmile campaign!! Thank you, Gymboree!

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