Learn How to Easily SURVIVE Back to School as a Stepmom!

Learn How to Easily SURVIVE Back to School as a Stepmom! 

It seems like summer just began, didn’t it? Unfortunately though, back to school time is right on our heels and as a Stepmom, this time can be absolutely INSANE!

If you parent, the kids probably spent the summer away or partially away from home, which can make the coming home part confusing and chaotic! If your kids stayed with you during summer break, you probably didn’t have much time to organize or prep for the back to school time.

For this coming up back to school season, I want to provide you with the easiest way to SURVIVE it!

The very first step is to create and establish a game plan and get everyone on board!

By gameplay I am talking about the routine or schedule you plan to have throughout the school year. Who will have the kids and when? Pickups and drop-offs, who will do either if the main person cannot. School events, homework, lunches, etc.

You know what will work for you and your spouse so the two of you establish your proposed plan and ask the other parent to do the same. Get together and discuss both proposals and come up with 1 solution that works for you all!

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This needs to be done ahead of time in case you either cannot agree with one another and/or there is an issue that needs to time to be solved.


Secondly, supplies, school clothing, shoes, and fees should be a shared investment.

My husband and I, now, are the only parents in our kids live so we are the ones to do all of this! However, if you are co-parenting these expenses should be shared or split, in a fair manner!

School supplies alone are costly! When you add in the new outfits, shoes, undergarments etc it’s outrageously expensive. Even further, the older grade levels require “class fees” that are not cheap where we live.

The supply list usually comes out at the end of the previous school year. Get a couple of copies and either split the list or you & your spouse meet with the other parent and choose who buys what. Same with the outfits and such, you buy this set amount and the other parent buys the same amount. It shouldn’t be difficult if you have a healthy co-parenting relationship!


Leave out the child support talk, for now.

Back to school shouldn’t be included in the normal child support payment. This is an extra expense that occurs only that first month before school begins.

Bringing up the fact of child support issues will only complicate this entire process more! Just leave it out for now!


Schedule and attend important school events with the other parent, if possible.

For example, the school my kids attend always have a day before classes start where you can bring their supplies, find their classrooms and meet the teacher.

This needs to be attended together so that any specific details that need to be known by school staff or teacher can be discussed with you all! Also, no one can argue about being excluded if you all come together.

Most importantly, your child (ren) will know and be grateful that all of their parental figures came and supported them at this event. Whether they openly show it or not, this will make them feel good inside! The focus should always be on the child and making them feel important and worthwhile!


Homework and Studies

Once the children actually start back to school, be sure to have a planned out homework and study time. I always try to make the time when they 1st get home snack time. Then, we unpack our bags, fix our lunches (if taking them), and start on homework.

I make the children try their homework alone first. If they are having trouble they move on and when I come to check on their progress, I will help them with whatever the issue was.

If I know they have tests coming up, after homework, I give them time to study and then quiz them on the material. Being involved and supportive of the child’s school work and success in the work gives that child motivation to do great!

If you don’t care or show that you don’t care about their homework or studies, the child won’t care either!

If your child will be going to the other parents home during the school week, I suggest getting your own “bookbag”.

You may be wondering what I mean by this… when your child will be swapping homes during school time, important things can get confused, lost, destroyed etc very easily.

Kids may take things that don’t need to go to the other parents home unknowingly by leaving it in their bookbags. By having your own, you can take the important documents, signed papers, money that’s due, etc or notes about needing to study and other things and put them in your bookbag and transport them to the other parent.

This can also stop the situation of your child going to their other home and saying he/she has no homework or nothing due when the child defiantly does! Working as a team, your child will have the best opportunity to succeed in school!

Back to school time isn’t all bad or stressful and I don’t mean to make it sound that way! Letting the kids pick their new (est) fashion styles and trends for every item needed is fun. Seeing them happy and excited is awesome, too!

Use these tips to get the complicated parts of back to school time out of the way,  so that the enjoyable parts can come!

Do you have any more tips on the easiest ways to SURVIVE back to school time as a Stepmom?
Feel free to use the comment section below to leave your answers! 

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