What its Really Like to Become a Momma!


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I became a mom for the first time when I was only 19 years old. Finding out I was pregnant was probably the scariest moment of my life (back then).

I remember taking a pregnancy test at my best friends house. I went to the bathroom and she waited for me in her bed. When I walked back into her room and fell on the bed with my face buried in the covers, she hugged me and told me it would be okay and we both cried for hours!

That day forever changed my life.

But not much as March 29, 2010.   I was driving around the circle in our town with a good friend of mine, we had been thrift store shopping. (My Favorite thing to do).

I stopped at a gas station, opened my car door and went to stand up and whoosh, water came pouring out of me really fast. I looked at my friend and said something along the lines of, I think I just peed myself or my water might have broken…

We both died laughing, I think more from trying to hide the actual emotion we were feeling, which was freaking out!!! 

We drove to the hospital, she drove that time & I rode. Approximately, 10 hours later arrived my “cotton top” as the nurses called her! She was 4lbs 17oz and 21in long.

Tiniest, prettiest, little girl I had ever seen.

The first time becoming a mom and it didn’t matter to me at all that I was in fact, a single mom. I delivered my baby with only my best friend beside me. Family and friends made short visits but that’s okay because I had the only person who mattered to me (at the time) and that was my Maddie Leigh.

I vowed to her then, never to let anyone hurt her and to always be her best friend, and that sweet tender-hearted little girl is just that, still today.

When did you first become a mom? What’s the best thing you can think of, about that day? Post in the comments below!




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Do you remember when you found out you were expecting? Tell me about it in the comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts!



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