Why I Believe All Parents Should Take Atleast One Parenting Course

Reasons Why Every Parent Should Enroll in At least One Parenting Course throughout the Course of Parenthood 

I know what your thinking… I am a good parent! Not perfect but my kids are well taken care of, have way more than they could ever want & need! They have me at home with them every day, how would a parenting course actually help me or my child?

I  don’t abuse my kid, yeah I discipline but that doesn’t change over time. I know how to feed them, get them ready for school or daycare, kiss their boo-boos, I’m a good parent, therefore, I don’t see any reason for attending a dumb parenting course.

Sound familiar, even if just in your head? I don’t know what it is about us, humans. We get offered or suggested to a parenting course or class and we automatically get defensive and deny going because we are good parents already!  


Nobody said we weren’t! That’s the problem when we deny ourselves a chance to learn and grow as a parent because we let our pride and our own feelings towards ourselves as parents, that’s when in fact we need the classes the most! 

Here Are Some Reasons Why I Believe Every Parent Should Enroll in At least One Parenting Course throughout their Course of Parenthood:

  • You can never learn enough or know everything there ever was or is or will be about parenting! We are all human, meaning we continually evolve and change, and so does the concept of parenting. New discoveries help keep parent up to date on potential physical dangers and emotional or mental potential dangers that come about.
  • Meet other parents in your general area or at least ones that have children of similar ages and parents who are dealing with alot of the same issues you are now. This is much more effective than you’d think. Something about actually hearing and seeing for yourself that your not the only one dealing with this issue, even if at the time it seems like it!
  • Gain new strategies and skills as a parent. No one parent is great at every skill there is involved in parenting. Most courses or classes that are intended for parenting strive to make hands-on activities or give you exact directions to accomplish an at home skill for ‘homework’. Learning these skills will help your parenting skills and your relationship with your kids!.
  • Having the skills and practice gives you a new sense of confidence as a parent and increases your self-esteem as well. Your kids can and will pick up on this which in result with give them a sense of security and confidence as well!
  • It helps make parenting more fun! Don’t you get so tired and burnt out of repeating the same old “don’t do this, I told you not to do that’s and so far? Perhaps the instructor or even another student in the course has already dealt with that issue and can provide insight and strategies to help you conquer it.
  • Create a network of support! Having other parents to hold you accountable but not judge you is worth gold. You may go in the course believing you won’t socialize with any of them, but more than likely people will meet at least one or two other parents that they can connect with and engage with!

Have you ever taken a Parenting Course? They are Available both online and in person! Most are very affordable and the lessons learned are priceless! Wouldn’t you pay money if the only thing Guaranteed to you was a better parenting relationship with your children and an easy life parenting them as smaller younger age kids? I know would!

I want to be able to enjoy my children while they are little while still instilling the lessons, values, and morals they truly need! 

Why not start today?

I’m going to refer you to one of the MOST sought after parenting courses Available on the web today! The cost is $79 but the benefits and lessons learned are truly priceless! You will gain the necessary knowledge to ENJOY your Toddler or preschooler in a way you never knew possible, without leaving behind the information they need to learn to grow up to be enjoyable and successful adults! 

This course only opens it’s enrollment once or twice a year, and the enrollment will END this Sunday (01/28/2018)! 

You won’t have any regrets taking this course I promise you! Nicole Swartz is the author of Imperfect Families, and she truly knows her stuff! If you are seeking a non-judgemental atmosphere with an instructor who cares about her students and their relationships and bonds with their own children, then this is the course for you! 

Ready to enroll in this course now? Want more information, including the lessons learned and all included bonuses?  

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Don’t have toddler’s or preschoolers, but you have older kids or teens?

Nicole also offers a communication course that helps you learn to engage and connect with ANY relationship including the relationship with your older kids! Being able to properly engage with your kids, husband, your parents or anyone else can literally change your life. These techniques can be taken from your course and projected into the way you teach your children also and they can grow to be great communicators, which results in better and healthier relationships in all areas of their lives! 

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Nicole Swartz also offers a private 1-hour coaching session with her for a discounted price for anyone who enrolls in the communication course!

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note: I am an AfFIliate for these courses however I only promote things i truly believe in! I won’t ever refer you to anything I don’t believe in 100%. Since I am an AfFIliate for Nicole Swartz and her courses, if you enroll through my links above I will receive a small commission at NO EXTRA CHARGE to you,  so THANK YOU, I appreciate your support more than you know! 




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