How to Save Time & Money on Packing for Trips!

Have You Ever Been Stressed Out About How or What you Should and Shouldn’t be Packing for a Future Trip or Vacation?

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I think we have all felt this way before.

The stress comes when either you pack and realize you have entirely too much or you may not be entirely sure what all you will need to bring… Maybe your worried about spending too much money on the items you need to bring?

There are many different reasons why packing maybe causing you stress or anxiety.

First, please know you are not crazy! Many people, including myself deal with this issue almost every time I need to pack my own or my kids items for a trip.

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I often found myself over-packing..

Is this your problem? If so, what helped me was to plan out a draft version of each days plans(of course this is usually tentative). Then, I write out everything I’ll need according to what that plan says. I still pack a couple of extra options or items. (Just in case)

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Perhaps, not knowing what type of items to pack is your problem?

If I am worried about this issue I go to the web for some help! I Google the place I am going and get a feel for what I may or may not need based on the things I learn about the location. Also, always check the the weather for rhe time period you’ll be leaving for, at and leaving from this location. Pack accordingly!

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If you can save money on something, why not?

Of course, you all know I LOVE saving money, it’s the same way (if not more so) with packing and traveling! Shop around on hotels, cars, tickets, activities etc., most people know and use this tip. But why not SAVE on items you are bringing as well! Shop sales, deals, and utilize coupons and discounts!!

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Are you interested in seeing what all I purchased for my upcoming trip?

See my daughter’s video she made of the items I purchased for my upcoming trip! I spent roughly $75 and all with out even having my coupons or anything. The names, prices, and clickable links can be found below! WATCH VIDEO

Need help and/or inspiration for packing your next trip or vacations needed items?

Keep reading to find out how YOU can download my FREE Packing Checklist today, watch the video above, and find each packed product directly below!


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