Combined Kids Birthday Parties, a Success or Disaster?

You probably all know I have 3 kids, two being little girls. Well did you also know that both my girls were born in March? Matter of fact only 1 day is between them! March 29 is my oldest girls birthday and March 31 is my baby’s birthday! 

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Crazy,  huh??

It was defiantly crazy for me, especially since both of their due dates fell in the first week’s of April and I was told they may even end up a couple days before on my birthday,  which is April 10th!

When Paislee, my baby turned, one we did a bigger party together at a place that had inside inflatables and smaller arcade games. It was a hit, and both of them enjoyed it!

Last year, we had a party planned but unfortunately their birthdays ALWAYS fall either at the beginning or end of Spring Break. Along with Spring Break, it’s ball time and almost every one always has plans every weekend near their special days!

Since the only day we could reserve the place they wanted, was a day no-one could make it due to plans being already made, we ended up not having a party at all. We did several little things, but no big party.

So, today I’m going to offer several options for having sisters’ birthday parties together and separate. Including, the pros & cons of both ways.

Having Siblings Birthday Parties Together 


  • less stressful only planning one party

  • speaking on the party itself only less expensive because you only have one location to rent, one set of party supplies, and usually one set of invitations

  • less worrying about guest showing up for the party, since they only have one to come to it’ll be easier for them to be able to plan ahead for


  • less one on one attention for each sibling (daughter in my case)

  • could end up being more expensive having to buy both presents at once depending on what you buy

  • deciding on a theme the kids agree on or event for the party(if at, for example, a themepark or something similar)

  • for my situation a con since their age is so different, some of my older daughters guest might not want to purchase gifts for my baby girl (since they don’t even know her,) which presents the problem of one kid getting more presents and one getting less

Having Siblings Birthdays that are Really Close in Dates Parties Separate 


  • each kid will recieve the full attention on their day at their party

  • no problems with having to get two kids to agree on themes and what to do at the party

  • could be cheaper only having to buy one present at a time (again, depending on the cost of the gift)


  • trying to get guests to come to two separate parties really close in dates

  • more expensive having to pay for two separate locations at two separate places

  • having to pay for two different sets of decor for two different parties along with food and drinks and even more so if you buy party favors for both parties

Theme Ideas for Having Two Siblings Birthday Parties Together 

  • for a boy and girl combined birthday party

you could use a pirate and mermaid theme like the one below! Super cute and both kids will love having their own roles at the party

Roller Skate Party is perfect for a combined boy/girl party

Bowling is a simple yet awesome way to combine two kids parties into one!

  • for two girls that are different in age

Princess’s:all girls love princess and they could make it their own by being able to choose which princess they want!

Frozen: this would work for sisters unless they both favor one of the characters over the other

Mermaids is a great girl party, even at different ages!

  • for two boys combined birthday party

ninja turtles and Pokemon (see just about anything can be combined)

Racing car joint boy party is a fun way to combine competitive boys.

Ideas for the Cheapest Way to Have Siblings with Close Birthdays, Parties Separately

  • have the party at a park where it doesn’t cost to go

  • have smaller kids parties at home, keep it simple and easy. Invite mostly family only.

  • make the decorations and don’t buy the character plates and napkins, instead opt for the printable stickers of the theme your child choose and stick/glue the printed logo onto the plain party cups and plates, it’s so much cheaper!

 I’m not sure what we will do this year. Although, the girls have toyed with the idea of doing a Unicorn Theme! 

So how about you?

Do any of y’all have kids birthdays so close together? Do you do parties together or separate? Is it a good experience for you or more negative?

Have any other awesome combine theme ideas or suggestions? Maybe you’ve hosted or attended a cool combined party, I’d love to hear your thought and comments!

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