Discover the Secret to TRULY Having a LESS Stressfull Year as a Bonus Momma



I know what your thinking, this is just another corny Happy New Years Post, and there is really NO WAY to have a LESS STRESSFUL year, not as a Bonus and DEFiantly not as a Blended Momma.

But is there really NO way? Sure it’s actually easier in the present to just accept it will be stressful and deal with the problems when they come.

But why? Why wait for the worse when you could eliminate it and not have to worry as much about what’s coming & how bad it’s going to be? Sure there will always be unforeseen mishaps. There will always be the ugly moments we like to call “life’s twist & turns”.

For the basic main part, we know what we’re up against and I believe very firmly in, “better to be safe than sorry”. I always have and always will. It has saved me more than it has inconvenienced me. I don’t go crazy and completely worry about every aspect, especially since it’s an event that hasn’t even been brought up yet or considered. I do take the necessary precautions though, for the “just in case” moments.

My family thinks it’s annoying until the time comes and ole momma bear is prepared and got it covered! Haha

So how do I despise this master plan of preparedness, esp as a Bonus AND Blended Momma myself?

Watch & weep at how easy it’s been all along. All those useless resolutions made at the start of each new year wasted when all you had to do was these simple things.

  • First, pick a planner you LOVE. I don’t mean the fancy and pretty one that would be so cute IF IT HAD “……..” pick one that has everything you need ALL IN 1. Trust me trying to have a meal planner, day planner, your planner, a kid planner….NO…it just doesn’t work, you need one super awesome planner that works for you! If you can’t find one already made, customize your own! (Tip: I’ve personally tried both ways and even though customizing is cool & pretty, I deal better with the real ones!)- Here are a few handpicked ones that are AWESOME & detailed, and have a variety of styles to choose from! This Lady knows her stuff when it comes to planners, so my advice buy from the BEST 🙂

Link to the Stylish (made with MOMS in mind) Planners shown 1 Love Paper Planners


  • Second, find a quiet place & fill out your planner. Fill it out for as far in advance as you can fill it in. Make sure to include the weekends you have the kids & don’t (if you compared), any special visitation days, future court dates including lawyer visits before, any prescheduled Dr appts etc. – if your not certain the date will remain to write in pencil until you get the finalized answer then change it to pen. I go ahead and include the entire school calendar so I know way ahead what days the kids will be out of school, getting report cards & so on.

  • Make a list of things you want to get done this year, and number them as to which ones you believe you can realistically do. Then write out why you don’t think you could the others. If it’s due to the visitation schedule, or car duty, (or anything really) putting it all out on a calendar for months to come can really help you see how much time your working with and can provide you with gateways to MAKING time to do those extra items.

  • Be sure to leave time for rest & play. Every mommy bonus, blended or neither, we all need CHILL DAYS and more than one! Schedule them, it’s your planner!

  • Next, ask your family (husband & kids mainly) tip: if your parents are highly involved you may want to ask them to, ask them to list out any special event they know of already and the date & SCHEDULE IT – if your cool enough with the Bio or “other” parents consider asking them as well so your even more ahead of the game!

  • Plan out what you want your weeks to be like. If you have a certain schedule that would make this year better, incorporate it into the schedule this year. Start now, if your kids are old enough write them out a schedule or print one for them. Let them know ahead of time what you expect of them schedule wise. For me, this will include their homework schedule & chore list each day. Print them out this kid planner and Let them feel a bit more independent.

  • Discuss with your spouse what really stressed you out the most this year, and hear his complaints as well. Come together and make a plan to fix at least one issue at a time. (Knowing an issue is being dealt with is much less Stressful then wondering when it will be)

Take a look at this past year what caused you so much stress?

Was it meal time and trying to coordinate what to eat every night? If so why not try out meal planning? It had defiantly helped me and right now you can this Ultimate Meal Planning Bundle that includes 10 MINI BUNDLES each containing Printables, guides, cookbooks, planned out meals ready to cook and more! But hurry this is a super limited deal! And it’s 97% off retail!

Now back to the look back.

Was it communication problems with your spouse? Causing Y’all to fuss and argue? Check out my post about the importance of communication here

Whatever it was that caused you so much stress to find a solution. The internet is full of great ideas that can really help you and your family!




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