Creating a Self-Care Routine That Will Work for You!

Creating a Self Care Routine that WORKS For YOU!

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So you want to Learn how to create a Self-Care Routine that will work for your specific life, your crazy hectic schedule, your age, your health, etc., right?

Well, you have come to the right place!!! Today, I am going to give you the steps you need to create a Self-Care routine that will work for you!

But first, let’s go recap what you already learned!

First, we covered the many misconceptions that are out there about Self-Care and it’s practiced. We also covered how most of them are very, very untrue.

Second, we covered the effects of not practicing Self-Care and what the effects can do to your body.


The first step in establishing a Self-Care routine that works for you is to look at the Self-Care activities you already do.

One commonly used example would be when you take a “breather” when your body feels extra stressed or overwhelmed. Another example is reading a book to clear your mind of the past day’s events.

Second, look at your daily schedule and current routines and see if they include any activities that can be replaced with Self-Care activities.

For example, say you have an open or unidentified spot in your schedule that you usually just “waste time” until the next activity. Maybe you could take that time to schedule a Self-Care activity or two.

Next, list some Self-Care activities you would like to try out and then list some you would like to learn more about.

NOTE: there are tons of excellent example activities all over the web, but we will focus on those later in the series!

This next step is a hard one for many people. Jennice from Mommy in Color says it best! She said to “Ignore the Haters”, and she couldn’t be more correct!

People may doubt you and try to tell you that Self-Care is a selfish act and you shouldn’t take the time away from others to participate in the activities. Don’t listen to anyone who does that, they obviously aren’t connected with themselves enough to realize Self-Care is truly not an option!

Last, find a way to organize your new-found Self-Care goals into your current life.

Some may benefit from putting their new goals actually in their planners or calendars so that it’s easy to see what activity to do and when. Others may find it easier to post little reminders, even encouraging notes all over the space(s) they will be mostly during the day.

However, you can find and incorporate a schedule that will work for you, do it! Make time every day to do something that makes you a better YOU!


Thank you so much Jennice for offering an AWESOME #Selfcaretip!! I’d really appreciate if everyone would go check this Mommy in Color out and show her some love!! Also, find her on Twitter @writeon5889



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Something missing from this list? Let me know how you created your own Self Care Routine and if it worked for YOU! Leave your thoughts in the comments below! I Would love to hear from you!


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