Are You Ready To Date Someone With A Kid? Ask Yourself These Questions First!

Are you thinking about dating someone who has a child or is you the one with a child? Either way, you need to ask yourself some serious questions before jumping into anything serious with this other person!

If your the one who has a child, you have to stop and ask yourself, “Am I actually ready for someone else to be in my child’s life, and better yet is my child?” 

-If you got an uneasy feeling in your tummy you could just be really nervous or you may truly not be ready and you need to know THAT’S OKAY! YOU SHOULD BE UNDER NO PRESSURE TO DATE!! It does not make you lame or any other oddball name people may call you! It makes you care which to a certain degree is a wonderful thing ESP since your a parent now.

If your the one with a child you must also consider who this new person really is and what skeletons they may or may not be hiding…

-trust me he(or she) may LOOK like prince charming but start dating him and sometimes you will see thirty different sides of crazy you never knew even existed (lol) bottom line do your homework -really with anyone you date but especially if you have a kid, the drama he or she may bring along may not be worth it.

NOW..if your not the one with a kid start by asking yourself, at the very first thought of dating this single parent, “am I ready to be a step parent?” 

If your answer is No, WALK AWAY NOW.

If your answer is, “Dang it’s just a date, not marriage” -walk away now. Why?  Because dating a single parent is NOT like “normal” dating.

  • She/he will have to cancel on you alot  (canceled babysitter, sick baby, emergency, etc)
  • She/he won’t be able to even accept your invitation out without checking first with their sitter
  • If the person child is young he/she most likely won’t want to stay out too late or go get crazy at a bar/ club because while everyone else would go home and daydream about the date, she/he would be going home to taking care of their kid.
  • She/he will probably be short tempered, moody, and/or tired alot

The kid WILL come first EVERYTIME. 

And those are just a few reasons why you MUST be READY and MATURE enough to date someone with a kid. It may just be “some random first date” to you, but to that parent, it’s a decision to let someone new into their child’s life. Someone who does not HAVE to be in their lives at all. And that’s a HUGE decision for any parent.

Do you have any specific questions you have to ask before dating someone with a child? If you’re the parent, what questions do you ask yourself?



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