Ever Wonder the Possible Effects of Not Practicing Self Care? Found out the NEGATIVE Effects of NOT Actively Practicing Self Care!

The Negative Effects of NOT Actively Practicing Self Care Regimes

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Today I want to talk to you about the possible outcomes of not practicing any form of Self-Care, including the even, smallest of forms.

  • Feelings of Being intensely overwhelmed

  • Intensified emotions

  • Stress levels higher than normal

  • Feeling burned out of your normal routines

  • Feeling insecure or not good enough

  • Overwhelming feeling of tiredness (even when you haven’t done anything to feel that way)

  • Hopelessness

  • Sadness eventually growing to feelings of depression

  • An overall dissatisfaction of your life

All the items listen can be brought on my many things, yes. Self-Care being one of them. If your not positive that lacking Self-Care practices is the real cause of your symptoms, why not test it out?

Your challenge today is in more of an ongoing challenge. Create a Self-Care routine that works for you, and keep a record of your activities and the way you feel afterwards. Also keep a log of the times you feel the symptoms from above while practicing the routine, and why you believe, you feel that way, at that moment.

Track these results for atleast a month, then go over the results. If your symptoms haven’t decreased then perhaps you should see a doctor to check them out. If they declined or are limited while practicing a certain routine, then I would almost guarantee a lack of SELF-CARE wad your issue.

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