Self-Care Activities For Moms on the Go



Self-Care Activities range from very simple to whole planned out ordeals! Today, however, we will be focusing on Self-Care Activites for the Mom who is always on the Go, or always has her kids in tow!

I have already focused on the many misconceptions about Self-Care, the effects of not practicing self-care, and we focused on creating a Self-Care Routine that works for you.

Since this blog is mainly up primarily mom’s like myself, I figured the next best thing to include would be activities moms could practice easily!

So here is your list of easily practiced Self-Care Activities for Moms on the Go:

-take the kids on a nature walk, which will, all in all, satisfy as a Self-Care activity!

The kids will love the idea of a nature walk. Also, walking will circulate your blood and get it pumping, which is always good for Self-Care!

– have a healthy picnic outside! 

The kids will love the idea of a picnic and won’t even notice the healthy part because how many times do they actually get to enjoy an outside picnic! Plus the benefits of enjoying the sunshine outside and eating a healthy meal are endless!

-go for a swim with the kids

This is defiantly for the warmer days, but the exercise and play in the water can diminish stress. The water can also easy muscles that have become stressed as well.

-have a story time with the kids

Reading takes away the present sense of time (especially in a good book) and makes you feel at ease. Take turns ready with and to the kids.

There a ton of activities and ways to practice Self-Care! These are only a few of the many, activities mom’s can practice while on the go, and with their kids.



What is your Favorite On the Go Mom Self Care Activity? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! Leave your comments below!


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