Do You Have The Toddler Blues?

Do You Have the Toddler Blues?

note:  I am afFIliate for Imperfect Families Toddler & Preschool Ecourse however, I wouldn’t promote this course if I didn’t find it amazingly helpful  & resourceful! I will reCEIve a small commission fee if you enroll in this course via my link but this is at NO cost to you!!! 


I know you probably all remember my daughter Paislee, from my post, Thank God for Sisters, well she has officially hit the TERRIBLE TWO & MORE TERRIBLE THREE stage of life!

This sweetheart child has become a crazy coo-coo bird as we call her at home! She will scream at me! Like seriously what the crap! She has begun telling me, no and by the look in her eyes, you can tell she is begging me to test her!

It’s so hard to discipline her too, I mean she is my LAST baby ever and I want her to stay little so very badly! Yes, I’m not a coo-coo bird myself, I know she can’t stay little. I can wish though right!

With my other two, discipline seemed so easy and plain out different! This go-round I almost feel “lost“. I just really wasn’t even sure where to start, then I found the website Imperfect Families, and went to searching!

I was fascinated by all the resources and guides and then my eyes caught glimpse of  PERFECT Ecourse for me!! Being the “sharer” that I am, and knowing that quite a few of my awesome readers have toddler or preschooler age child, I had to share this opportunity with you!

This ecourse is SO awesome that it’s ONLY open a few times a year and GUESS WHAT, enrollment just opened TODAY!

It will stay open ONLY until THIS Sunday! So don’t waste time! You won’t regret this! Ready to go ahead and purchase?


Still Not Sure?

Check out a few things you’ll learn from taking this course:


Toddlers and Preschoolers bring a whole new level of independence and energy to a family.

Everything is exciting and new.

That bug. Those cookies. Anything deemed “off limits.”

Everything is a battle.

Bathtime. Finding the “right” shoes. Snapping the car seat buckle.

And everything…anything…
can trigger the world’s largest meltdown.

(No wonder you’re tired.)

Thankfully, relief is in sight.

You can actually enjoy these years, instead of wishing them away.

In this course, you will…

  • Identify and address the things that stand in the way of becoming the parent you want to be (no added guilt here!)
  • Learn specific strategies to manage those challenging behaviors like tantrums, separation anxiety, sharing, calming down and more!
  • Join a private Facebook group for additional support, encouragement, and accountability.
  • Complete a simple workbook to help you stay organized and on track with what you learn along the way!



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