Easy Summer Recipes for Kids!

Easy Spring/Summer Recipes your Kids will Love!

Note: this post may contain affiliate links which means if you purchase a product through my link I may receive a commission off the product. This is at NO charge to you EVER! I only promote products I use and trust on my site! Also, this post is sponsored by TO BOX USA who sent me a free (AMAZING) 6 qt. Electric Pressure Cooker in exchange for this post!

Since the 6qt Electric Pressure Cooker is the amazing product I received from TO BOX USA, I decided to give all of you moms and Stepmoms some easy go-to recipes to cook that the kids will LOVE and can be done using the pressure cooker!

    1. Pressure cooker Mac n Cheese! Yes, you can cook (my kids favorite easy food) in the pressure cooker! Want to know how? See this recipe here
    2. Instant Pot Beef Stew I don’t know about your kids but my LOVE beef stew! This recipe makes it so simple and quick! See it here
    3. Instant Pot Yogurt this healthy and delicious food is now so simple to make and the kids will love it! See the recipe here
    4. Instant Pot Potato Salad this is a simple and super quick side recipe you can see here
    5. Instant Pot Sloppy Joes I am sure your kids, like most kids, love sloppy joes! Make them quick and easy by using this recipe here


 There you have it, 5 easy and quick summer recipes to create for your kids and yourself! These are easy and quick! All of these can be created using an electric pressure cooker like the one I received from TO BOX USA!

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