Find Your Bonus Momma Tribe!

I know you think it’s the hardest task to find ‘mom’ friends…but try finding  Bonus Mom friends!!

It is nearly impossible to find real and loyal bonus mom friends who can really ‘ Get you’.

Luckily I have a found a few tried and true Bonus Momma’s that I go to for advice and info!

They have awesome blogs and if you’re in the market for Bonus Moms friends or finding your tribe, Check these awesome Bonus Moms out!!

Jennifer at This Mommin Life     

This lady was one of the first bonus mommas I met when I started blogging and she is so super sweet and has an adorable little baby she cares for while doing a great job at blogging! Defiantly go check this lady’s blog out!


The Wicked Stepmom this lady is “trying to make sense of instant motherhood” she has gorgeous graphics to go along with her super awesome blog posts!

The Straight Up Stepmom  this lady is defiantly straight up about her stepmom journey and you should defiantly check her out!

This list isn’t long but how many friends list are?

Check these lady’s out, share their posts, you know ‘show some love’!!

Also, mention I sent you(A Blended Momma) if you don’t mind!!



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