Genius Boredom Hacks For The Work At Home Stepmom

Genius Boredom Hacks For The Work At Home Stepmom

Guest Post By Tracy Poizner, Stepmom Mentor

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Summer is here and those every-other-weekend visitors are probably going to be around more of the time.

If you work from home, you are probably being volunteered to be available all the time for them.

So what can you do to squeeze out some precious moments of productivity for yourself that doesn’t involve duct tape or a paid babysitter?

Here are some ideas that get the kids started in self-directed play.

Educators agree that this type of play is more important for learning success than any amount of homework, so pat yourself on the back about this!

These ideas don’t take long to get the kids set up and then, with any luck, they will go ahead and have some fun on their own.

Using these hacks not only will you be able to successfully work at home this summer, but you can feel good about re-introducing them to their own creativity (imagine that!) and you will be a superstar stepmom for having these special tricks up your sleeve.

Grab these items and keep them in a cupboard somewhere for when you need them.

  • Paint the sidewalk with water.

I know, it sounds ridiculous, but a good wide paint brush, like the kind you would use for housepainting, and a plastic sand bucket full of water will provide a solid 20-30 minutes of fun on a hot day.

There is something really pleasant about being able to paint whatever you want and watch it dry and disappear. Get extra paint brushes, the neighborhood kids will come over to try it out and allow even extra time for you to work at home!


  • Give them a roll of fat green painters’ tape (you can buy this at any hardware store or even the dollar-store type of place.

It can stick to anything to become a racetrack or roadway. If they want, they can draw a dotted line down the center, but it’s not necessary. Any cars, trucks or rocks can travel along this roadway that can go upstairs or along the sofa without damaging anything. Painters’ tape is great because it doesn’t leave any stickiness or marks behind when you lift it up. This should be good for at least half an hour and any short work at home tasks that need done.

  • Make a fort.

They will need a bedsheet or large tablecloth or blanket as well as some clothespegs and some rope or a broomhandle and chairs. It’s great if you can find them a lamp for inside and a snack. This can use up any amount of time, especially if there is more than one child. Everything is better in a fort.
Older kids can make a playlist for dad of songs that were popular when he was the age that the kids are now. They can research online to find some tunes and links to them, or actually make a playlist if they are subscribed to a service already. This could take hours (ahhhhh….be able to get tons of work done with this task!)

  • Suggest that they put on a show.

They can find a song and choreograph a dance routine, or make up a play and perform it while they film themselves. You might have to help with the filming if there aren’t enough of them for that or they aren’t old enough to use the phone or camera, but afterwards, they can amuse themselves watching it over and over. It’s amazing how much kids like to see themselves on video!

I hope you get to try out one or two of these ideas, they were big favorites at my house when my daughter and her step-siblings were younger.

By the way, a paid babysitter is not a bad idea at all. If you are actually at home, you just need an older child to act as a “mother’s helper”, so even a 10 or 12 year old can be paid to keep the kids busy. This would be well worth the hourly cost if you figure out how much your working time is worth!

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