The Perfect Way to Incorporate Giving and Helping Others to your Kids, no Matter What there Age!! Find out how here!

Make caring fun with our special craft boxes.

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I would hope that is, not the only one who prays for her children to grow up with giving hearts and a willingness and drive to help others.

In today’s world, our kids get ‘stuff’ so often that they honestly don’t appreciate much, especially the small things. I often find myself wanting to take everything out or their rooms except the bed, cover & pillow. Then proceeding to make them earn it back. Kids can just be SO ungrateful and unappreciative of what they’re given.

But as they get older they are getting better at taking care of their items and appreciating things.

I try to take opportunities that arise anywhere we are to show them how blessed they are or why they should be so thankful.

I have never found such an amazing and incredible company until I was introduced to Little Loving Hands!

I’m sure most of you have read my post on Teaching your Children about having gratitude and helping others, if not you can see it here!

Anyways, I have just recently found the PERFECT product to help make that task almost a guaranteed success!!!

I am so excited for my readers to see this! I am extremely disappointed that I am just now finding this amazing company!



Here's how it works!

  • Select a box that's delivered to your door with everything you need inside to create unique art with your TV.

  • Engage with your child to make amazing crafts while teaching them the importance of who, why, and how they are helping.

  • Using the pre-paid return envelope, send your child's finished crafts (made with love!) as a donation to those in need.

Crafts for a Cause

Each box spotlights a different organization and craft, with all the materials and inspiration for kids to create, learn, and donate to a worthy cause.

The purchase of every box can be submitted for charitable tax-deduction.



What types of Boxes are there?

Little Hands has TONS of different types of boxes to choose from! Sometimes they might be sold out of the exact one you were looking for, but no worries because they will fill back up soon! 



Hearts for the Homeless Box

Provide love and support to a homeless mother and her child.

Create a soft heart pillow and a memory match game that will warm the hearts of a mother and her child at a homeless shelter. Your gift will be used by Enchanted Makeovers to transform a shelter and promote creativity, self-expression, and worth.

Cloud Nine Box

Help a foster child reach for the sky and dream in bright colors.

You will make an adorable cloud toy and colorful rainbow mobile for a foster child supported by Together We Rise. Your precious creations will bring smiles and happiness to a child looking for brighter days, making them feel on cloud nine.

Happy Doll Box

Make a special happy doll that will travel the world and be cherished by a child in need.

You will decorate a unique doll and a cute globe magnet that will be sent around the world via MISTERIO to be given to a child in need. Your unique creations will be enjoyed by multiple children during its travels, and then ultimately be given to a child that will truly cherish your special gifts.

Military Gratitude Box

Show our military friends that people from home are thinking about them and appreciate everything they do.

You will be making a card and keychain gift that will have an extra personal touch by using your handprint! Your handmade gifts will be used by A Million Thanks and sent to our troops stationed around the world. You will also create an American flag pin that they can wear proudly as they protect our country.

Puppy Love Box

Create a leash and treat bag to be given to an adopted dog! You will make a fun dog leash and an adorable treat bag to be used by Friends of Homeless Animals to gift to an adopted dog. Your creations will be cherished by a forever family that adopts a dog from this animal shelter, helping them show love and care to their new furry family member.

Monkey Business Box

Send a fun and hope to a child in need with a personalized monkey toy.

You will design and customize a card and silly monkey toy for Operation Sock Monkey! Your special toy will be sent to a child struggling thru humanitarian challenges, and provide them hope for brighter days ahead.

Little Loving Hands' Personal Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide parents and caretakers with a fun and educational method to engage children in learning about the importance of empathy and being kind. Children are born givers. However, without reinforcement, research shows they are socialized to think more about themselves than others as they grow older. My hope is that Little Loving Hands helps make it easier by providing you the activities so that you can focus on the experience, teaching, and giving. Together, we can make this world a more caring place and enable our children to have a big impact.

I can't think of anything more amazing than that, Can you?? This company truly has a spot deep inside my heart and I feel honored to share their products with you! 

How difficult are the crafts?

Our creative team, which includes teachers who engage daily with children, focuses on making crafts that allow the littlest loving hands to have a truly hands-on experience. While we focus on making them simple, we also build the activities to allow engagement of the caretaker to help with some steps. Our goal is to make this a joint experience that is fun, but also one that reinforces the message of giving back.


Are you convinced? Here are the payment options: 


Little Loving Hands 12-month promo deal

Little Loving Hands 6-month promo

Little Loving Hands 6 months - $132.00


 Little Loving Hands 1 Month Promo

Little Loving Hands 1 month - $25.00

Have you ever tried Little Loving Hands? What's your favorite Box and why? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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