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Surviving holiday chaos as a step mom bonus mom

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The holidays are coming up quickly, and we are supposed to feel cheery right?

How can one feel cheery when sometimes these supposedly ‘good times’ get turned into nightmares by members of the extended family… you Bonus Mommas know what I’m talking about!

Those particular family members that, despite your tireless efforts to conform, still don’t get it.

For example: this particular family member(s) either buy one child a ton of gifts and the other none (or significally less) or they try to do it in a deceiving way and give the “one” child presents while visiting alone and play it off as “not a Christmas present”.

I don’t have this problem anymore, BUT I used to!!

In the beginning, my grandparents would (literally) invite me and my girls over on a completely separate day from the original “gift giving” day. Then they would proceed to shower them(just the girls) with gifts! 

Remember, these are gifts I would have to  bring home(in shame) and try to “hide” from my bonus son. I have literally never felt worse than that night!

Of course, when he would eventually see them I would feel even more guilty and awful even though I wasn’t the cause of this chaos! I went that same night and bought him gifts ( just for him) to open when the girls were gone. All of that, just so he didn’t feel left out.

Ultimately, this caused another mess when the girls found it he received gifts from ME! They felt betrayed and forgotten. (To young to comprehend why I  actually did it) After that, it seemed as if the entire stupid process would repeat itself, and I was in a lose-lose situation!

I got to where I hated the holidays, badly.

Want to know How I took back my holiday seasons BACK and put my foot down! 

Use this completely free checklist for all your Bonus Mom chaotic moments involving extended family members!!

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