How to Host a Awesome yet Cheap Birthday Party!

So obviously we all have kids that are all unique,  all of them different from one another in some way! I bet we can relate on atleast one thing: their birthdays. 

Yep, that one special day where everything should be about them right? It must be exactly right and perfect, or else we have failed as mothers.

I know that’s how some of you feel, heck I’ve felt like that myself a few times!I won’t lie! I’ve saw parents who throw outrageous parties for their kids! I mean take reserving 3-4 HUGE inflatables for a ONE year old who can’t even get on them yet! Thats uncalled for to me.

Then there are parents who host gift free parties, I think I would feel horrible if I went this route. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for teaching gratitude and being content with what you already have. I just don’t believe I’d feel quite right not giving my child ANYTHING on their birthdays, not until they were older anyway.

Regardless if we are tight on money or if we have plenty, we could always use a go to for hosting a awesome and cheap(er) birthday party for our kids!

Here is:

How to Host a Cheap & Awesome Birthday Party for our Kids

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  • Plan Ahead

Try to plan ahead of time, this will give you longer time to save up money and you’ll have longer time to be able to create some projects on your own. Also if you plan far enough ahead, some items may be on sale such as party decorations that you can grab at anytime and use later. I know at our local Wal-Mart I purchased several of these cake decorating pens(see below), because they were on clearance for only 50 cents and I saved them for when we baked a fathers day cake for my husband!




  • Browse Pinterest and other search engines to find ideas for themes, diy decor, supplies, and activities (trust me you’ll find PLENTY)

  • Try and Plan to make as many decorations and set up as manu DIY activities you can see my post from my daughters mermaid themed party where we DIY’ed as much as we could!

– Create a checklist for all the items you need to purchase and set up!

  • Choose a location like either that HUGE back yard you have or have it at the park. Another option is some church rent out their fellowship halls or our town has a community center alot of kids have hosted their parties at. The range for that is usually between  $30-50 versus the $200+ for say like a water park or smaller themepark.
  • Don’t go overboard with the decorations! The kids truly don’t care about them anyway! Make the main entrance area cute and themed and the rest is a breeze! Grab a few cheap packs of balloons and your good to go for most kids!

–  Keep the activities simple. You don’t have to reserve some massive inflatable waterside or pay a few hundred dollars for a dressed up woman to come pretend to be a Disney princess. See this cute treasure chest game we played at my daughters mermaid theme party HERE

  • take your own pictures or ask a relative or friend to take shots for you! In my opinion hiring a professional is not needed! I can get cute images without costing a huge fortune and if you need a backdrop but don’t want to try your hand at DIY,  check these cool yet affordable ones out!
$15.00 Customizable


Fringe Backdrop $7.19

Or plenty more HERE!!


  • make foods that are easy & quick. There is no need to order catering in my opinion, for a kids party. Make some hot dogs and burgers, you can get these items for cheap and in bulk! Make koolaid for drink! Bake your own cake or cupcakes too!

If you follow these tips along with trying to stay as stressfree as possible, your child’s party will be a success! Remember kids don’t care about the money and decorations, they care about you being happy at their party oohing and ahhing at every gift they open and clapping with a huge smile when they blow out all their candles!


p style=”text-align: center;”>So breathe, relax and have fun momma! They are only this age ONE TIME!



Want to see how we planned and set up my daughters mermaid party with mostly DIY activities and decor? Check that post out here





A List of the Items Mentioned Above:

Wilton Extra-Fine Foodwriter Markers • Wilton • $8.95

That Perfect Party Co • Fringe Backdrop •$7.19

DamaBDigital• Pink Gold Customizable Backdrop • $15.00




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