How to Become a Paid Freelancer!

How to Become a PAID Freelancer!

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Do you LOVE to write? Wish you could Actually get PAID for the writing you love to do??

Well, you can!! In fact over 47% of the people in the US ARE getting paid to write! While just writing isn’t the only way to get paid as a freelancer, it is a main contentdor.

Horkeys Handbook provides a great resource, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success,that I highly reccommend checking out!

Not sure what to write about? Check out these 200+ Writing Niches/Topics!

Another awesome resource are the courses, Write your Way to your FIRST 1k and Writer Website In a Weekend!

Those 2 courses have mega-awesome reviews and compliments!

Proofreading, is another option to getting paid as a freelancer.

Are you one of those people who notice a misspelled word or grammer mess up in peoples writings or even simple things like a Facebook post? Then proofreading may be for YOU!

Transcribing, while not as popular as it once was, is a simple paid career.

You can do transcribing from anywhere and all sorts of fields need them! Health care, lawyers, professors…all need people to transcribe their content. Its relatively easy and doesn’t require any pre-skills! If you want to learn How to Transcribe, even enroll in a FREE mini course on Transcribing, click here.

Creativelive is an awesome place for courses-paid or free- to help you with skills needed to be even more successful in all these careers plus tons more!!

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Another site I highly reccomend when considering working at home is The Work at Home Woman

Are you interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant check this post out here

Do you have a story to share about working from home or want to guest post on this subject? Check out my opportunity for you here!



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