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Here are some interesting stats about female earning power in the United States:

Women make or influence 85% of all purchasing decisions. And when you add it all up, that works out at billions of dollars of real spending power at their fingertips.

This program gives you a chance to offer a great product to a market with money to spend. Women account for $7 trillion in consumer and business spending in the United States, and over the next decade, they will control two-thirds of consumer wealth.

By being a mom money affiliate your not selling anything!!!

All you will do is lead moms to the mom money free blueprint and the company does the rest!!

You will find all this information and much more in the Mom Money affiliate program.

So what is the mom money blueprint?? This three-part video training will set you on the road to a better, richer life…and it’s absolutely free! You will no longer have to worry about:

>Being stuck in a job you hate
>Overdue bills and late payments
>Spending too little time with your children
>Always struggling to make ends meet
>Working too hard, taking home too little
>Create Your Dream Lifestyle
>You will be able to live life on your own terms and make the most of every day.

You will enjoy a wonderful new life, allowing you to:

>Start a business that is a joy to run
>Make great money doing something rewarding and fun
>Spend much more time at home with your family
>Clear all your debts and get your finances under control
>Work flexible hours…as little as four hours a week!
>Create an asset that grows in value year by year

You CAN create your dream life

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You have Mom traffic? You are in the right place! This program specifically targets mothers, and offers them an opportunity to change their lives, and provide for their families working from home.
There are over 85 million mothers in the US alone, and millions more worldwide. The Mom Money Affiliate Program allows you to offer a fantastic and attractive deal to mothers all over the planet. Mom. Money is ideal for mothers who are interested in find a better way to make money. This includes women who want to find a legitimate way to make money from home. They are typically interested in:
Designed to help Moms worldwide.
>>>Mompreneur opportunities
>>>Making money from home
>>>Working flexible hours
>>>Being their own boss
>>>Having an independent source of income
>>>Home business ideas
The average woman is expected to earn more than the average American male by 2028
50 Percent of private wealth is controlled by women
Women account for over half of all stock ownership
Ladies control more than 60 percent of all personal wealth
Of course, it’s a similar story worldwide…all adding up to a phenomenal market that’s right at your fingertips. And now you have an opportunity to tap into that market in a big way.
To be consistently successful with an affiliate program, you need to be promoting a product that rocks. And with Mom.Money, you get exactly that. You will be promoting a chance to enroll in the Mom Money Masterclass –the only blogging course designed specifically for Moms.
This course has been designed to help Moms capitalize on the boom in Mom blogging. IT’S-A step-by-step system that takes any mother all the way from blogging newbie to millionaire Mom. This is no half-hearted eBook – it’s a fully-fledged, professional level course that truly delivers on all its promises. You will be helping Moms:
>>>Start a business that is a joy to run
>>Make great money doing something rewarding and fun
>>>Spend much more time at home with their families
>>>Clear their debts and get their finances under control
>>>Work flexible hours…as little as four hours a week!
>>>Create a business asset that grows in value year by year
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