My Disastrous Labeling Mayham!

My Disastrous Labeling Mayhem

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Have you ever sent your kids to grandma’s or had them stay at a friend or other relatives house, only, to come home with way less sTUff then they left with?

do you constantly try to keep your laundry, cleaning supplies, personal items and other things in certain spots, only to never be able to locate any of the items when you need them? 

would have a specific spot for everything and visible, durable labels to Mark the spOts really help you and your family to stay organIZed

I’ve tried labels before, I actually Went out and bought a labeler and all! I proceeded to organize my house, my kid’s rooms, my cleaning items, everything. To say I was eccentric about my success, would be an understatement.

I just KNEW this was the ultimate solution to my household chaos, my constantly messy house, and my frustration each & every time I went to locate something and it wasn’t where I left it. 

The boy was I wrong!!

you see, I live in a cabin type house, all of our cabinets and counters are made of old wood that has been preserved. These labels I made and spent hours putting in the perfect place began peeling off not even Hours after they had been placed! 

Talk about disappointed? I was devastated! Once my kids got ahold of them there were no labels left to even justify my organizing mayhem.

I was just about to give up on even trying to keep my house and family organized by using labels. But then, my friend introduced me to these labels made my moms! Moms who actually knew my struggle(and so many other moms) and handcrafted their labels to be able to withstand kids, preserved wooden cabinets, and worse! 

i started doing my research on these mom labels and found tons of amazing reviews! These mom labels had even been nominated for several awards and the designers had won several awards for mom entrepreneurs! That was awesome!! 
so i wanted to introduce these mom labels to you Today! They are durable and **spoiler alert–> waterpRoof!!! Can you beLiEVe that??? 


Mabel’s Labels offers so many labeling options! They even have Customizable Allergy Alert Labels to send your child off with no worries!! They have allstar labels, spice labels, airport luggage labels, red dot labels, and so many more!!! Check them all out here!

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