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Welcome Ladies! 

I know that some of you are like me and you are BOTH a Mom and a Stepmom and do not get me wrong, A Blended Momma LOVES our Moms & Stepmoms! 

However, we also love our lady members who are NOT a Mom, NOT a stepmom and she’s NOT both a Mom and Stepmom! In fact, she is NOT a parent at all, yet she is STILL visiting our site.

You may wonder why?

I know some of you’ve told me you once believed that A Blended Momma was exclusive to Moms and/or  Stepmoms, I am not quite sure how that rumor got spread around, but it is defiantly a FALSE one!

We welcome everyone who has interests in our topics and articles with open arms! That being said we also cover tons of topics that are NOT Group or role-specific and can apply to many different types of women!

For example along with covering Mom-Life, we cover common Parenting topics, Marriage/love topics,  kid activities and products, arguing solutions/ coping with divorce issues,

Homemaking topics (meal planning, organizing, cleaning etc), work/stay at home, saving money, budgeting, couponing, thrifting, Self-care/love/discovery and so many in between!

Mom and Stepmom topics are ONLY the beginning!




Some of you are Moms, only.

Some of you are Stepmoms, only.

Some of you are NONE OF THE ABOVE!

And guess what!?

I love and appreciate each one of you for being on this site today!

You found A Blended Momma for a reason, now let’s find what that reason is!!


If you fill out the Pop-up Survey that you see when you enter the site not only will you gain access to my FREE SPECIAL OFFER but you’ll have an opportunity to share your unique struggles and issues and have my reply back to them ASAP!

Your answers are completely private between you and I and believe me I judge NO-ONE! I only want to help you!


Okay, so here are some of the most popular and/or featured posts & articles for these topics! As always every one of my articles and posts can be found on The Blog!




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