Top 14 Resources to Monetize Your Blog Today!


my Top 13 Resources to Quickly Monetize Any Size Blog TODAY!

Are you relatively new to blogging? Have you found any ways that actually work to monetize your blog? There are millions of different ways to do this, unfortunately, some ways have started up cost or have HUGE site traffic requirements. So what can you do for little to no money to Monetize Your Small/New Blog Today? I’ve compiled of a list of the top 12  choices I personally used!

Note- Some of the links below contain affiliate links which means if the product or service is purchased through the link I will be paid a small fee at no extra cost to you, and for that I thank you. Despite being an affiliate link I promise to only state my true and honest opinion on these sites.

1. Ebates- I’m sure most of you have at least heard of Ebates it’s an absolutely free cash back program and it has an awesome site & App to search and find a specific store, brand, or product and compare which one has the most cash back rewards! Even better it’s free to join and for every person, you refer you receive $25!! That’s an amazing referral program incentive! Join Ebates Here!

2. IZEA- this is a site where you can upload your portfolio or make one and apply and receive offers for influential promotions on ANY of your blog and social media platforms! Not only can you monetize your blog that way but they have a referral program that will give you up to the max commission for each post or opportunity at $100!!! Opportunities expire after 24 months. The basic plan is free and the upgraded plan is only $1 a YEAR! That’s awesome! Sounds Good! Let’s Go!!!

3. Tailwind- the Ying to Board Booster’s Yang. This will work for hand in hand with Board Booster and give you Pinterest Traffic like you never imagined! Tailwind is great because they have tribes you can join that just quadruple all your stats! They also have 3 diff incentives for referring! The simplest refer 5 people get a $25 Amazon gift card. Referral Program: $15 Credit per referee or a month free Affiliate Program is same but here’s an ex of them combined and the paid break down. Sign up here and get a Free month of Tailwind

Ex you refer 20 people 10 sign up for monthly and 10 sign up for annual subscriptions. For a referral, you would get $425 in Credit or 3 ¾ years free on Tailwind. For affiliate: $78/month for monthly subscriptions and $179 for annual Sounds Amazing I’m in!

4. Pinterest Ninja Course- if you want to know Pinterest but can’t figure it out, you need to take this course! You’ll get updates monthly plus anytime someone discovers a new hack of Pinterest, you will also get amazing freebies!! This is a huge help and you can become an affiliate for the course and receive 30% off every purchase made through your link! I wanna be a Pinterest Ninja!

5. Send Owl- I found this referral program through working with Pinterest Ninja, for this one you get 20% commissions off every purchase through your link or code. This site is for anyone wanting to create their own affiliate network program and free to join! Send me to Send Owl

6. Ibotta- this is the simplest and easiest way to earn by far. It’s a cashback program on everyday items from everyday stores and is absolutely free to sign up and be a part of this! You also get A free $10 when you use my code and become a referee and everyone you refer gets $10 FREE plus you get 5$ each and refer 5 friends get $100!!! Absolutely take me there!

7. My FreezEasy- this is not an ordinary freezer food website, this lady is CRAZY organized and has every kind of workshop and help resource you could think of!! It’s. Online or on the computer CUSTOMIZED meal planning program!! And she had Affiliates to help promote it FOR FREE and get commission off of it! Oh La La, I’m in!!

  8.Mailer lite – I can’t believe I forgot to mention my own email marketing system! Blonde moment or mommy brain moment defiantly hit me! Awesome very user-friendly .email marketing network that pays you $20  for every referral!! I’ll sign up, I mean it’s free.! Sign up here

    9. Siteground- an EASY way to make a lot of cash! In fact, just for ONE referral, you make $50!  Take me to Siteground

10. Ultimate Bundles- this program is amazing! They take the BEST of the BEST from the entire year (ebooks, courses, planners, challenges, etc) combine them in ultimate bundles and 1-2xs a year they have a HUGE sale of all those products at usually 97% OFF! So, for example, a bundle of 100 different mini bundles would retail at almost 2000$ but you’ll pay approximately 47$ what? Become an Affiliate and earn mega bucks + giveaways at every sale!-  Yes, that’s Amazing: Take Me To Sign up

11. Shareasale- this has so many different affiliate programs all mixed together and its amazing! Free to sign up, just click here

12. The Dating Divas- one of my favorite and free affiliate resource. They have amazing products that all moms love!! Check it out here 

13. I have just now started taking Affiliates on for my new course “Embracing Your Imperfect Perfectness as a Bonus Mom” you’ll receive a personalized link and 15% off every commision. You’ll be able to promote and advertise my course as much as you’d like! If your interested email me at [email protected] subject line AFFILIATE or use this link HERE which includes the affiliate sign up For my newest course- The UltimAte guide to CREATING a Healthy and Lasting Relationship with yOUr BOnus child’s BIo mom!

So there you have it 13 legitimate ways to start Monetizing your blog no matter the size or age, as quick as today! All you really need to do is focus on presenting the links and codes in a way that people can relate to it and to you.

Heres an Example:

tell a story on how a certain product or site has helped you or your brand. Connect with your audience then leave them with the hook (your link or code) and let them choose to bite or not!

I hope these resources work as well for you as they have for me! Just be patient and don’t give up!!!

Any questions or comments please email me at [email protected] and don’t forget that this post contains affiliate links and I may be paid a commission off any purchased products or subscriptions off this link at NO extra cost to you!!

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