Organizing Babys Room

I am often asked how to organize a baby’s room? I mean all you can find online are the “Pinterest perfect” nurserys, where everything is placed perfectly and neat. It’s beautiful but not realistic!

What happens when you don’t have that extra room for baby? The baby has to share a room with you or a sibling? How do you organize the room then?

Well I have found the perfect solution for holding the baby’s items. It’s a PORTABLE DIAPER CADDY!

This doubles as a storage bin at home and a on the go!! And it works for not only when child is a baby but as a toddler & even as a “big kid ” for art supplies or homework station!!

And I haven’t told you the best part yet! It’s up for grabs, not only 1 but TWO followers will win one of these awesome Diaper Caddys!! Just enter your info below to be entered!!

Be the 2017 CuteKid Winner!

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