Discover the Secret to Organizing Every Aspect of your Home Life in one Simple Step! Try it Today!

Do you want to finally discover the one step that can help you to organize Your entire life?? 

 Are you horrible at remembering to write or check your “to do” lists?

Is meal planning not an option for you because you think it’ll be too stressful?

Kids Have so many different activities going on at once that you want to scream?? 

If you answered yes to any of the above then this post is for YOU!

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having three Kids of my own, I know the pain and frustration of an unorganized life! Badly. 

So badly that I made it my personal mission to find a way to get my whole life, even my messy kids, and carefree husband. Something that worked like a planner but gave me more freedom for on the go TImes,  and gave my family easy access to my scheduled things for them!

Sounds like nothing but short of a fairytale. A mom produCt that can actually help you organize your entire life, even on the go? And give Your family equal easy access???

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So what exactly is this mystery miracle worker product that I am so in LOVE with??

Cozi: the #1 solution for organizing busy families. Try it today for free!

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Still not completely sure on what Cozi is? Well for starters it’s an organizing method for the WHOLE FAMILY! This item is Available in both the Google Play store and iTunes! 

Cozi Family Organizer

What is all actually included in the Cozi App? Well as you see above they have shared calendars, reminders, and grocery list, but that’s the just the BEGINNING of their amazing benefits!

Cozi offers:

  • Calendars(shared, personal, and printable)

  • Shopping lists

  • To do lists

  • Recipe keeper

  • Meal planner

  • Family Journal

  • & So much more!!!

I know you have to be getting curious by now and starting to go back & forth with your decision on whether to click or not. am I right?

Let’s see if some reviews might sway you a little more because I’m telling you, my life would still be the chaotic mess it had been for years if I hadn’t discovered this AMAZING FREE resource!!

Moms are saying:

Before Cozi, my husband & I kept 3 separate calendars on our computers that did not sync, as well as a whiteboard5t calendar on the wall. It was hard to keep everything organized for 2 adults, 2 kids, and 2 pets! Now with Cozi, we keep everything in one place and can check it on the go instead of having to wait until we get home to confirm availability. I also love having access to the shopping and to do lists from our phones because it saves paper.

-Deena (CO)

I keep the entire family on track by adding the school calendars, sports schedules, doctor appointments and my work schedule to Cozi. This helps everyone in the family know what is coming and what they need to be prepared for. It also ensures that the kids are at the right place on time.

-The Sandoval Family (CA)

This tool has been a LIFESAVER for my family! I no longer have to nag at my husband to remind him of the kids’ crazy sports schedules and programs for the school. He now has access and reminders of what is going on. My kids also use it to see what they have for the week so there aren’t any surprises. I use Cozi for everything—schedules, doctors appointments, birthdays, favorite college team schedules, fundraising dates, to do lists for fall and spring cleaning, etc. I don’t know how I managed life before it.

-The Osaka (NY)

I love Cozi!! I don’t know how I accomplished anything before it. I love using it to keep appointments, and also use it for a to-do list and keep my menus on it.

-Posted on Cozi Facebook wall

Between our jobs and our children’s schedules, our calendar is packed. With Cozi, we don’t miss a beat. If I hadn’t gotten the reminder, I would have forgotten to pick up something I needed for my daughter before I headed out of town. Cozi is so important to me it’s amazing. We even have “take the dog out” reminders going to our teenager’s phone.

-The Camphors (Washington D.C.)

It’s been a very long time since I’ve gotten excited about something new on the Internet that could make life easier. I’m always looking for new ways to organize my family so I can stay on top of things. I try something out for a day and then it doesn’t seem to work quite right so I give up on it and look for something new. Then last night I saw a link to Cozi and I have to tell you I’m obsessed!! My family thought I was crazy because I couldn’t stop talking about it and then I went to work this morning and I showed everyone how great it was. They’re all downloading the app on their phones and then going home to put it on their computers. Thank you so much, I truly love this program.

-Dizzy (WA)

I couldn’t survive without my Cozi. I have my husband and 8-year old hooked up on it as well and they will add things to the lists or journals-absolute lifesaver! They both use products and I use Droid but it all works seamlessly. It’s very common in our house to say, “Cozi it” so it gets done! LOL

What dads are saying: —> YES DADS USE COZI TOO!

I was looking for something that could help my family and me keep better track of our time. I needed something that we could use to keep my wife and I from double booking or spreading ourselves too thin. That’s when I found Cozi. My wife and I work full-time and have 4 beautiful kids. My children love to play soccer and baseball and any parent will attest, kids sports can consume a large chunk of evenings and weekends. In a nutshell….we are a very busy family. Since using Cozi, we have been able to organize and prioritize ourselves in ways I could only imagine. I love the feature that sets a reminder on my phone! It’s saved me on more than one occasion. My wife loves Cozi because she can get to the calendar anytime and anywhere to view or change the schedule as needed. I just recently added items to the “to do list” and amazingly enough, I have even found the time to get a couple of things marked off of it. The only regret I have with Cozi is that I didn’t start using it sooner.

-John (NC)

My wife and I love how we can use Cozi from our phones and the computer. I have it on my Blackberry and she has it on her iPhone and it works great. My wife’s favorite thing about it is being able to list our son’s chores so she’s not always nagging at him.

-The Wagner Family (OR)

Cozi has been a lifesaver for us! We could not possibly nail down one thing that Cozi has helped us with because we have so many things happening at once with five kids. And that is what is so great about Cozi – it makes some sense out of our chaotic schedules. Taekwondo lessons, baseball practice, mom’s teaching schedule, dad’s travel schedule, kids’ birthday parties, church activities… the list is just too long. Cozi is synced to the work Outlook calendars and works like a charm to keep us all on the same page.

-The Pradel Family (TX)

This is a fantastic app for busy families – I am very impressed. It’s easy to use and comprehensive in terms of the ways it gives you to organize activities and events. We overlaid my Outlook calendar with Cozi so work and home are synced and my wife loves it.

-Charlie (VA)

***this is the review part that really nailed it for me!

What mom’s of at least 3 kids are saying:

I have all three of my kid’s sports, school, and other activities as well as mine and my husband’s schedules in Cozi. I sync it to my work calendar so I am always on top of where I need to be and when.

-The Bondy Family (MN)

Cozi has been a lifesaver for us! We could not possibly nail down one thing that Cozi has helped us with because we have so many things happening at once with five kids. And that is what is so great about Cozi – it makes some sense out of our chaotic schedules. Taekwondo lessons, baseball practice, mom’s teaching schedule, dad’s travel schedule, kids’ birthday parties, church activities… the list is just too long. Cozi is synced to the work Outlook calendars and works like a charm to keep us all on the same page.

-The Pradel Family (TX)

Cozi has been a saving grace for us. My husband and I sit down at the end of each week to schedule the following week… who is picking/dropping off, taking kids to appointments, who is making dinner, who is doing the grocery shopping, who is doing the laundry, who is in charge of the bedtime routine for the kids so the other can catch some quiet evening time? With things changing week-to-week, we can only do one week at a time, but it is SOOOOOOOOO nice to be in it together. I work on Saturdays so my husband is in charge of the kiddos -planning play dates or outings for the 3 of them and making dinner. I heard him say to a friend the other day, “I am amazed at all that goes on at home and all there is to do. I was so tired.” He even baked me cookies — LOL.

-The Svensson Family (WA)

With a hectic schedule, we don’t have time to tell each other what we were doing, let alone get together and do it. Now we keep a family calendar that helps us stay up to date on plans and we share shopping and to do lists so there’s no more calling each other to see if anything is needed at the store. I just view the shopping list on my phone or see what’s been checked off on the to-do list. Everyone loves it.

-The Matias Family (OR)

With 3 kids, 2 in high school and a first grader, we are really busy. I use Cozi to organize all of their activities and it keeps us all on top of it every day of the week.

-The Taylor Family (IL)

And last but NEVER least what separated family’s(divorced, parenting) are saying:

I’m divorced and my ex and I use Cozi to keep track of the boys’ schedules…school, church, sports, assignments, play dates, etc. It helps to keep us organized and is improving our communication.

-The Hogues (IL)

This app is the best thing to fall on my lap! I am divorced and we have a young son. We use this app to keep track of our son’s appointments and activities. We also use the journal to get an idea of what our son has been up to while spending time with each of us.

Cozi iPhone app review

I use Cozi to stay on top of things because I am a divorced Dad with 2 busy kids (soccer, hockey, school, etc). I put their schedules on my Outlook, share them with family categories and update Cozi so that we all know what everyone else is doing. My kids have an easy way to see what they are doing day to day, who they are with, what free time they have etc. It’s great. I am now starting to use it for grocery lists, which my kids also have feedback on.

-Brad (Canada)

Change your mind ANY? Are you ready to change your life? Your family’s life? Your social life?

Cozi is truly family life SIMPLIFIED!

Sign up for a free Cozi account today. It’s the #1 family organizer that keeps schedules, lists, contacts and more all in one place!

Cozi Family Organizer: Say goodbye to family chaos with the app that organizes calendars, lists and more. And it’s FREE!

Get Cozi, the #1 organizing app for families, and get our 2017 Printable HOLIDAY PLANNERS – all for FREE!

Get the #1 family organizing app

I’m sorry but if you’re5r not convinced after all of that, then I’m not sure you’re really Wanting this!

I mean come on a FREE app that’s able to help you organize your ENTIRE family & life!!

PLUS! Free printables! (calendars, chore sheets, infographics, & MORE)

Cozi actually seems TOO GOOD to be true, but for the first time in FOREVER, it is THAT GOOD and THAT TRUE!! Crazy right?

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I think you’re beyond ready to make this leap Momma! There is literally NO risk, it’s completely FREE!

Hop on over and sign to for the best thing to ever find you and your family RIGHT NOW !! Click below to be taken to the Cozi Website to sign up!

Cozi: the #1 solution for organizing busy families. Try it today for free!

After you go sign up for Cozi 

Come back here and get your FREE 29 Pages of Organization Printables right here on A Blended Momma! Just fill out the quick form below & be automatically redirected to the Printables!!

Then go back to your new Cozi app and print out their Printables as well!

Using both this app, the 29 FREE organization printables, AND Cozi’s own Printables and resources, you will have your ENTIRE  family and life organized in no time at all!!!

Easier said than done right? Nope, just follow my steps and be on your way!

What about all you other mommas out there, what is your go-to for organizing your whole life? Have you tried Cozi? What did you think? If you haven’t, click here and sign up for free–>Cozi SIGN UP

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below I would love to hear them!!

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