Pictures are Prescious Clips Filled with Some of our Favorite Memories! But how can we Both Enjoy & Preserve them? Find out Here!

Is it just me or do you also find yourself obsessing over having to get pictures at ALL of your family’s events?

Regardless if they are actually special events or not. 

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For me, if for some reason I can’t take pictures that will actually look decent(good lighting, kids looking all at once, no blurriness) it’s almost as if I could have a mental breakdown!

I start obsessing and worrying about the effects (that really only fall on me apparently) of not having picture memories of this event. It’s almost as if I can’t even calm myself down enough to enjoy the time and memories RIGHT IN FRONT of me, all over pictures.

My theory is when I get old and my memory is gone(feels like it’s halfway there already most days) I will have those pictures to bring these precious memories back to me!

I know I should be living in the present, not the future. I can’t help the older I get the more sentimental these little things become to me.

Just writing about this almost has me in tears. I think I become more emotional with age as well.

Anyway, you get the point, I take tons of pictures!!! I don’t regret them either! I can go back at any time and look at all of each of my kid’s accomplishments, fun times, silly moments, and smile!

My HUGE problem is printing the pictures off my phone!

Yes, I use my phone instead of a camera. It’s entirely more convenient for me and my phone takes pretty good pictures, most times.

The problem is they stay on my phone and then eventually move on to my Google cloud, but they almost never get printed out unless I need it for a particular project or some other reason.

I don’t have one of that printer for phones because bring as thrifty as I am, I cannot convince myself to spend almost 200.00$ on a tiny printer that could get broken in s heartbeat around my 3 wild monkeys!

I just can’t do it! If I come across one in a thrift store or yard sale for way cheaper, then I’ll begin using that!

For now, though, I still needed a solution!

I remember my mom ordering some type of picture book(two actually) when I was smaller and I can remember her sending mine and my sisters baby pictures onto the website and edit them how she liked. While I’m not sure what company she used at the time, the idea was fascinating! Now if only it wasn’t costing people an arm and leg, I would definitely be interested in purchasing one myself!

So, remember this, I got curious and started searching!

There are plenty of sites these days that will take your pictures whether they are on your phone, sd card, or saved to your computer and create pictures books with them. However, alot of them are not reasonably priced! There are other aspects you want to look into before choosing the right company too!

The most common features you want to compare are things such as:

  • How many pictures do they allow in each book?
  • Do they allow you to edit the arrangement, placement,
  • and/or landscape and size in the actual book.

I want to suggest the company I have chosen, Mixbook!

Mixbook’s software provides an excellent combination of flexible tools, great functionality and large searchable libraries of very appealing content, all in an interface that’s both easy and fun to use.

The beautiful Mixbook photobook can handle the varied selection of photos with no problem, delivers great color, exposure and clarity.

I encourage you to go and read this review on Toms Guide and see for yourself all the details that Mixbook has and that they offer to each client!

You can see that page here!

Here are Some Sample Photo Books by Mixbook 

These photo books are good for not only your pictures that need a home! (like mine)

The photobooks are awesome gifts for loved ones! Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts, Sisters everyone loves pictures of the people they love and with Mixbooks photobooks you can add tons of details and design elements to match anyone’s style and personality!

Are you NEW to Mixbook? If so, use this discount code and get 50%off one item storewide!


Mixbook doesn’t only create beautiful photobooks though!

They have an ENTIRE line of products including items such as:

-baby and memory books

-canvas, poster, and acrylic prints

-Save the date, Birth announcements, Greeting cards, and Invitations 


– Designer Collections and Yearbooks 

– & so much more!!!

See the entire Mixbook collection here!


I am so happy that I finally found an outlet for all my precious pictures that are not only useful but beautiful as well!

What about you? Have you used Mixbook to create a photo book or any of the other products they sell? What about another company? 

Let us hear your thought in the comments below!!


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