Are You a Planner Freak Like Me?

So, Are you a Planner Freak Like I am?

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If you are the chances of us becoming best friends just greatly increased! I’m talking about it tripled!  

I rely on my planner for literally everything!

If I didn’t have it, lost it, or never began to use one I do not know where I would be today!

Most people use a small “planner” to jot down occasional things they may forget.

Not me!! My whole life revolves around this planner!!

What are some of the things I include in my planner?

Let’s see, that’s alot of stuff! Here is a brief description though.

-my daily, weekly, and monthly schedule (as well as my husband’s and my kid’s schedules)

  • important dates to remember ( birthdays, anniversaries, and appointments)

  • my goals

  • meal plan and grocery list

  • cleaning schedule

-exercise schedulee

  • kids chore schedule

  • important phone numbers and contacts

I even have a spot for my random doodling, I mean for my well thought out to-do lists!! (Which I do have as well)

Why tote around different binder planners for various topics, when you can have all that in one!!!


    Everything you need to organize and plan your schedule and your LIFE

I know your probably wondering where you can get such a glorious planner (to satisfy my inner planner freak).

While there are thousands of amazing planner professionals all over the web, but I’ve tried alot of them. I’ve also tried the ones available for purchase at retail stores. By far, my favorite planner and the one I use still is made by    One Love Paper Company   

Right now, brand new for 2018 they have an awesome goal setting planner! You can get this planner in monthly format or monthly + weekly!

They run specials and discounts all the time!! But for a Planner made by the experts, the low price of $49.99 is not bad at all!!

So you said you’re a Planner Freak too, right? If that’s true, why not head on over to their site and pick from the lovely variety! Orders ship quickly and correctly!

Mention who sent you over if you don’t mind!

Not trying to spend quite as much, but still want an AWESOME planner?

Check out these alternatives by Jennifer Bly at The Deliberate Mom!

Want free planner inserts?

Check these out that I made personally with Canva!

Want to know how to use Canva from your mobile device?

Get my free video training here!

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