How to Raise your Children to Love to Read & Why Its So Important!

I remember growing up and having such a full, wild, & sometimes crazy even imagination. I could play for hours by MYSELF, playing “school”, “restaurant” and other random pretend play activities that came to mind. I remember living on a small gravel road that dead-ended into my neighbor’s driveway. I would ride my bike up and down that road, a million(not literally) times a day pretending each stop was a different store or what-not. Overall, I  remember having so much fun right by myself, with just ideas I came up with, using my imagination. I can barely recall a toy I had, even though I had plenty. Toys didn’t make the fun for me, my imagination did! Kids today, can’t fathom the thought of Creating their own games and doing anything fun without us watching and complimenting their every move! 



The only other main activity I recall from my childhood that I enjoyed was reading. I know kids today are like UGH I HAVE TO READ. What happened to read and placing yourself inside the book, imagining you are the character or part of the plot? I had so much fun with the ideas that started with books alone, and nowadays there are SCHOOLS allowing kids to move up a grade that cannot even READ!! 

Yes, it’s true! That blew my mind! Tell me how a student can make it to 10th grade and not be able to read???? How do they take the test? Study? Complete Assignments? I don’t understand, kids who aren’t taught to read for fun or at home at all, are truly being stripped from a childhood activity that brought me immense joy my entire childhood!

You may believe that reading is only important for cases such as passing school, reading road signs, filling out a simple job application, etc. Well yes, they are important for those reasons, but there are many other MORE important reasons for a child not only to KNOW HOW to read but to introduce them early enough to read that they ENJOY reading!!


Learning how to read, reading at home for kida



Reading stimulates the child’s mind. It entices your child to use the brain God has given, explore the world around them  and see the universe in a whole new light

Reading Boosts your child’s creativity!

– Reading Trains your focus and makes your child’s attention span longer, therefore by reading your child is learning to discipline himself 

– Gives them more insight and knowledge on certain subjects 

– Reading can even reduce your child’s stress and give them inner peace 

Reading has a million positive benefits for your child from now until their grown adults! Even kids who can’t read love having their parents read aloud to them! This can create a bond like no other! 

Learn which subject makes kids more successfull-reading

How about you? Do you read to your Kids often or do they read to themselves? Tell us about your reading experience with Your Kids in the comments below! We would love to hear your feedback!!

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