RetroPlay Game System for Tv Review

As a mother to three small children 2-7 years old, finding a game system that will survive general is a miracle in itself. The fact that system can withstand all of their obsessive touching impulses, messy hands, clumsyness, and rough handling is more than I can say for any expensive game system.

We’ve had SEVERAL playstations and xbox’s. They both  had Nintendo DS’s and 3DS, all are now either completely broken or having some sort of issue.

 The RETROplay game system is not only safe for kids but it’s such an easy hook up my oldest two can literally hook it up by themselves which is a totally great thing!!

Also when playing any other system the one not playing is never entertained enough to sit with the other until his/her turn. This weekend I walked inside to see what my 3 kids were doing and to my shock they were all in my oldest daughters bedroom eyes all glued to the screen and all chatting GETTING ALONG!!


And they were stoked to hear it had 200 games included!

For anyone with young kids interested on any game system I fully recommend the retro game system! The games are ALL very kid friendly which I  can’t say that for any other game.

And let’s talk price!!! This wonderful amazing miracle working game system ranges from about $7 to the most expensive I’ve saw so far $14.00 and no that’s not a typo and that’s all included with the 200 kid friendly games!!!!

We bought all the kids one for their rooms and it’s only two hookups: the video and audio hook ups that’s it oh and three double a batteries!

This game gets this mommas and her babies full 100% recommendation and support!

Now go get everyone one! You won’t regret it!!

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