Ways to Save Money on the 3 Most Expensive Wedding Cost! (Plus an Awesome Deal from Jewel on Fire)

Ways to Save Money on the Top 3 Highest Wedding Exspenses for your Wedding

It is actually possible to have a wedding that costs little to nothing & no I’m not crazy to say this!

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Some people think that for a wedding to be beautiful you have to spends thousands and even hundred of thousands of dollars. Women all over the world literally turn into bride-zillas and wear themselves down with stress over their wedding days.

Weddings are supposed to beautiful and make you happy, yes.

Your wedding day is also supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. I don’t know about you but how could be it be the happiest day of your life if you are constantly stressed out and worried sick about over it.

There are usually 3 things most people tend to spend entirely too much money on for weddings: the rings, the venue, and the dress.

So here are some ideas to cut those 3 costs and for to create a stress free and simple wedding that cost little to nothing and still be beautiful!



The rings: Let me tell you when i got engaged, my husband gave me such a beautiful ring that i seriously wondered what illegal crime he had to of committed to afford such a beauty!

Little did i know he had been out and stopped at a thrift store and found this ring (yes its real) and paid less than $50 for it!

Yes, I realize that was by pure luck, but it does happen! Pawn shops are another option people tend to overlook for rings  (and tons of other items I might add) For those that just wont go to a thrift stores or pawn shops

here is a third option jewel on fire cuts out the middle man completely and offers beautiful jewelry including wedding rings up to 90% of the retail price!

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The Venue: Contrary to popular belief, the venue doesn’t have to be this monstrous sized place that costs more than your house. You don’t even need to rent a place. There are churches that don’t charge for weddings as long as clean up afterwards, or why not do like I did. 

My wedding took place AT MY HOUSE! Of course we decorated our yard and put tables and chairs out but my wedding venue was FREE and in our yard!

Do some research and find an affordable place. Almost any place can be made beautiful with a little bit of creativity! Remember your guests are there to celebrate you and your marriage not to be impressed.

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The Dress: you make think I’m crazy for this one but I’m not. I am a firm believer in Saving money in any way I can.

When I started My wedding dress hunt guess where I began? Yep, a thrift store! While the first thrift store I stopped at wasn’t the one I found My dress at, the next one was.

My dress was beautiful and believe it or not didn’t even require any alterations! I did research on the dress and originally this dress cost over $600 I paid $12! No stains, rips, or tears!

If you don’t like this option, try renting one. A lot of people also sell used dresses on eBay and Facebook! 


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There are TONS of legitimate ways to save tons of money on your weddings! Don’t allow money to make your happy day become a nightmare!

Focus on the actual reason for  having a wedding which is to celebrate your new marriage.

So focus on you and your spouse and the rest will fall into place!

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What cost cutting expenses are you struggling with? I’d love to hear your comments and help you out!

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