Say What You Mean;Mean What You Say

Ever heard that saying before?

Say what you mean and mean what you say

If you have ever gone through any type of parenting class or counseling you will hear it over and over again.

But why do they emphasize it so much with children? Because disciplining children requires a whole lot of patience, telling them what they did, explaining why what they did was wrong, and making sure they understand why they are being punished…all of this over and over. Am I right?

Sure the ways vary a little but that’s the gist of it, either way, it goes CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

Would you believe me if I told you adults (especially in relationships) require the same annoying repetitive stuff??

Maybe we don’t need quite as much repeating of the words per say but we do need repeating of the process, the action. We need to see our spouse acting out the actual words he/she said to us time and time again.

When you go so long of hearing the words and never seeing the actual action your trust or faith in those words (and the person saying them) becomes more and more strained. And over time, as we all know, our trust in those words will become obsolete.

We may start to just ignore the words altogether.

Or we may just lose it one day after listening to that promise or excuse had been used one too many times and it had already been one of those days.

So do you see how we are alot like children? If a child is disobeying and hearing just the same ole words every time, after the initial scary fades away which it will do they begin to see well mommy/daddy will say they are going to do “so and so” if I act up but they have proved with their actions that they really want. Empty threats.

Empty promises. Empty excuses. (bullcrap)

They all have a common denominator Empty.

You HAVE to Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say.

Or else your just empty.





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