True or False? Check out Some of the Many Miconceptions People Place on Self Care for Moms

True or false? Check out Some of the Many Misconceptions People Place on Self Care for Moms!

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What comes to mind when you think about the words “self-care”?

First, you should know that slot of people has misconceptions about “self-care”. If you take the words and separate then, you have the word “self” and the word “care”.

You can probably guess why some people define Self-Care, as a way for women to be selfish and have an excuse for it. Maybe, the person who was giving Self-Care its name was trying to be funny by using irony. I’m not sure.

Either way, the misconceptions are SO wrong!

Besides a woman using “selfcare” as an excuse to be selfish other common misconceptions include:

  • Thinking that “Self-Care” is optional
  • Thinking that you must have tons of resources to be able to “Self-Care”
  • The myth that “Self-care” cannot be done by doing one thing, a lot of people believe you have to take an entire spa  day or pampering weekend to actually engage in Self-Care

All of these are very wrong!

Now, let’s look at why these are false conceptions, if one starts to treat Self-Care as optional you will start to see negative effects on your body. Your health and overall happiness will begin to dwindle even if it’s not apparent to you at first.

As far as the next misconceptions, Self-Care doesn’t have to cost you anything at all, furthermore, you can practice good Self-Care regimes a little every day, without much, if any,  change to your daily routine. You can read more on misconceptions here!

In Fact, God even tells us in the Bible that each of our bodies is different but they are our temples. We are responsible for taking care of ourselves, not only because we want to be healthy and happy, also because we should be grateful for this temple God has given us! Right?

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Today I gave you the Intro To this 30 DAY Series and some Common Misconceptions about Self-Care and The Instructions on How to Participate in the Series!

Until Tomorrow, here is your challenge! 

Think of just one thing, you could add to your day, that wouldn’t be much of a change to your normal schedule. Something that could get your “toes in the water” as they say, and introduce you into the regime of SELF-CARE!


If your feeling brave, leave your idea in the comments below!

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 2: Positive effects of practicing Self Care

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