Does Your Life or Maybe Your Goals For Your Life Need a Spring Cleaning? 

In a little over a week, my two older kids will be out of school for the lovely spring break! 

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As excited as they are, I am less excited. I say this shamefully but I have become quite content having an entire day to bond with my youngest child and tend to errands and chores that are quite hard to do with THREE kiddos by my side. 

Not to mention they have thousands of plans to fulfill in this short week of a break, which means all errands and chores will be put to the side for them. Spring is a time I actually look forward to getting my house and yards in order. I want everything to be bright and colorful! I think I can honestly say SPRINGTIME is my favorite time! 

It’s also a great time to refresh our lives and our goals. Speaking of goals, let’s talk about those goals we made at the beginning of this year. How many of them are you actually still doing? How many of the New Year goals have you given up on? I honestly am ashamed looking at mine. I have decided to completely refresh my goals this spring. 

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Refresh my goals, Refresh my Life, Refresh my Home and my yards! I need more refreshing and colorful things in my life! Can you relate? If so, I have the PERFECT FREE bundle offer for you below!

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Are there any specific things that need refreshing in your life today? I would love to hear your answers, please feel free to share in the comments below!!

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