Now You No Longer Have To Wonder Whats Included In Being a Stepmom

When you hear the word… Stepmom…What all comes to mind? 

Is it just a woman, who is married (or in a relationship) with a man who has kids from a previous relationship? Or do you think of MORE…?

I hope you said MORE because being a Stepmom is entirely so much MORE than simply a word or name for a particular woman.

So what all IS a Stepmom? What things does a Stepmom deal with or have to handle?

Well, let’s cover a few things today that a Stepmom has to do or has to handle within her role!

First, when she becomes a Stepmom, whether she is also a Bio mom or she has NEVER been a mom before, she must learn to stepPARENT! 

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Now for those of you who don’t know, the part of becoming a stepPARENT is a HARD PART! 

You have to be sure your role is made clear by you and your spouse together as well as all boundaries, rules, and consequences You have to be open and willing to form a bond with the children, but only when they are ready too.

There will also be times when you have to deal with resistance and negative behavior from the kids as a way of them expressing themselves.

You and your spouse will need to start by evaluating and discovering each one’s personal Parenting Style Then, you’ll have to take it one step further, and figure out how to parent effectively despite differences between those styles. It is far from easy! 

When a woman chooses to become a Stepmom, she must also learn how to handle issues as a stepFAMILY, all combined together! 

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Being in a stepfamily comes with many struggles, but if handled properly, can be a beautiful experience.  Each family should start by acknowledging the Natural Adjustments Stepfamilies Experience.

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Another obstacle common to stepfamilies is known as, Adjusting to Stepfamily members schedules. 

While it may seem easy enough, this can turn into a very stressful issue if not addressed properly!

Creating and planning family activities and new family traditions is another part of being a stepFAMILY that Stepmoms have to figure out. Making sure to keep children’s favorite past traditions while incorporating new ones can sometimes prove to be difficult.

Some of the best solutions my own blended family and I have discovered have been found during discussions in regular family meetings.


Being a Stepmom

Choosing to become a Stepmom is a huge decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The Stepmom role plays a very important role in the future success of your blended family. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and even exhausting! Be sure to reach out and seek support from other Stepmoms going through the same things you are.

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