How to Handle Being a Stepmom on Mothers Day

How to Handle Being a Stepmom on Mothers Day this year.



How to Handle Being a Stepmom on Mothers Day

I know the day is coming up soon and is most likely making your emotions CRAZY right?

Questions are probably spiraling through your mind like, “Should I expect to be celebrated by my stepchild?” , “How will I handle celebrating Mothers Day with my bio kids and my stepchild be against it?”

I am sure you have thousands of “what ifs”, right?

That’s okay, you’re not crazy for doing this,  I promise! I had them as well, most Stepmoms do!!

If you ARE being celebrated as a Stepmom on Mothers Day, then YAY!

You obviously have an awesome and supportive family, that you should feel blessed to have.

Many of us, however, are not so fortunate.

For whatever reason, if you are NOT being celebrated or you are not sure if you are or not.. then this post is for YOU!

First and foremost, as I am sure you are well-aware of, we Stepmoms get underappreciated a lot!

Its the nature of being a Stepmom in today’s world, unfortunately!

Do not let this get you down!

This doesn’t mean you aren’t “important” or aren’t doing a good job at being Stepmom, I am sure you’re doing just fine!!

Don’t let Stepmom Mothers Day blues, define you as a Stepmom! You’re better than that! You don’t need to celebrate on Mothers day to be a good Stepmom so never think that!

Secondly, believe it or not, its not just Stepmoms who are unappreciated on Mothers Day!

Yes, bio moms are unappreciated and watch many Mothers Days pass by without ever being acknowledged or celebrated! Again,  it doesn’t mean they are bad moms or they aren’t loved, its just a fact of life.

Third, don’t expect the man of the house to remember and arrange the Mothers Day celebration for you, Stepmoms!

Men do not think like us, and they tend to forget the special holidays that don’t affect them! Don’t be too harsh on them, they are just men you know! 😂

Having a celebration on Mothers Day as a Stepmom isn’t necessary. Don’t let whatever outcome you see from it affect YOU!

If you have both bio and stepchildren as I do, and your stepchild is against the celebration on your behalf, CELEBRATE ANYWAY!

You are a Mom and if your bio kids want to do something special for you, let them!

Of course, you can help your stepchild prepare his or her own bio mom  (if in the picture) a present or card. Be supportive of him or her celebrating her as well!

Likewise, be sure to talk to your stepchild kindly and be supportive of him or her not wanting to celebrate yourself as their Stepmom!

The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms . He or she is probably feeling a lot of the same emotions he/she felt when your blended family just came about! Be supportive and loving!

Your stepchild may feel as though he/she is being The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms by not celebrating you as their Stepmom.

The child may feel like partaking in any celebration of you would hurt the bio mom.  Be sure to make your stepchild know you realize your not his or her bio mom and would never force them to do anything he or she was uncomfortable with!

Being a Stepmom is tough, I know! Some days such as Mothers Day is tougher than others for some of us!

Having a strong support system is an awesome remedy for days like this! I would like to encourage you to join The Bonus Mom Club.

What is it? 

This is my Private Stepmom Exclusive Facebook Group!

Come to join us and let the stress of being a Stepmom on Mothers Day, be a thing of the past!!


The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms

How are YOU feeling about this upcoming Mothers Day as a Stepmom?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! Use the comment section below to tell me all about it!




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