The Top 4 Most Common Stepmom Stressors in 2018

The Top 4 Most Common Stepmom Stressors in 2018


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step-mom stressor- a particular event(series of events) or a particular situation(s) involving your blended family/stepchild/the “ex” or your relationship with any of the above that causes you, the stepmom, unnecessary stress or turmoil. 

Stepmom Stressors are unfortunately extremely common, existing in almost every stepfamily ever created.

Stepmom Stressors are so common and weigh down on us, stepmoms, like bricks on our heads!

Yet the woman who has never been in our shoes, insist that these “stepmom stressors” are not only “made up crazies that we must have dreamt up”, but when(we) stepmoms reach out for support or advice, those very SAME women call us liers, OR attention seeking fakes.!!!

The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms

I mean REALLY??


A lot of us are bio moms and HAVE raised our own kids, yes.

Some of us aren’t!

Either way, raising my biological daughter is most times, a breeze compared to trying to raise someone else’s child!

These people saying such things literally doesn’t have a CLUE about what, we (stepmoms), face every day!!

These people proclaim that us, stepmoms, over exaggerate or that we are just being selfish and immature!

So, today I am going to cover the Top 4 Most Common Stepmom Stressors of 2018!


 1. Figuring out her role as a Stepmom.

If proper communication isn’t established at the beginning of your relationship with your spouse, then the confusion will continue.

The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms is one the first steps that must be taken when establishing a solid foundation for your blended family to thrive on! I explain this further in my post here!

2. Dealing with discipline or rules and punishments referring to her stepchild vs the same for her own child.

What do you do when your stepchild does something your bio child better never even think about doing.

Then your spouse finds out what his child has done, and no punishment or any action is done about the “crime”?

In this situation, you need to have a sit-down conversation with your spouse(AWAY FROM THE KIDS) explain the entire situation, and try to see one another’s point of view!

Communication is key for events like this! If you’re having difficulty being able to communicate, check this post out here.

3.Figuring out her OWN set of boundaries as a stepmom.

The reason our role is Stepmom and not the actual mom (to our stepkids) is because this child, your stepchild, already has a “real” bio mom.

In some cases, if the bio mom isn’t in the child’s life at all (for whatever reason), then this doesn’t so much apply to you, but for most stepmoms it does.

We feel like ALL the pressure is on us! We feel like others expect us to do every motherly thing for this child, but in most cases, this isn’t true.

Yes, we DO need to be a The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms and parental figure, but there are many times we need to step back and let the parents, parent.

This is something else we need to figure out with our spouse when The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms for our blended family.

4. Dealing with the Bio Mom.

As both a bio mom and a Stepmom, this Stressor holds dear to my heart.

Since I have been on BOTH sides I completely understand the frustration!

This stressor is entirely too much to explain in a tiny post. That’s why I have created an entire course detailing EXACTLY how to put an END to Bio Mom Drama & Create a Healthy Co-parenting Relationship with her! 

Finally put an END to Bio Mom Drama

If Stepmom Stressors are busy stressing you out or stealing your happiness, I have the PERFECT solution for you!

The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms

Well, Ladies, there you have it, the Top 4 Most Common Stepmom Stressors of 2018! 

We want to HEAR from YOU!  What Stepmom Stressor has you spinning your wheels the MOST?

Let us know in the comment section below!!


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