The Top 5 Basic Stepmom Survival Strategies!

The Top 5 Basic

Stepmom Survival



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I believe we have firmly established that being a Stepmom is hard. That’s really the only thing that is indeed, cemented into the Stepmom role, its hard.

We get it, I believe we all get it. We know  there will be struggles, some typical and some not-so-typical. Some of us get intertwined with crazy EX’s, like truly crazy. Some of us get the step kids that are mini versions of Dennis the Menace (or perhaps giant versions).

Some of us live in those neighborhoods, you know the ones, that have a Desperate Housewives feel, and the woman are ALWAYS gossiping about you. Some of us deal with the spouses that either bow down to his EX or his kid, or his mom, you know what I mean!

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No matter which  The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms ” we got, 99% of us had some hard issues to go through, to tackle, to GET OVER!


So why don’t we STOP discussing how hard it is, and start discussing  The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms to maneuver through them, around them, over them…whatever route we take, doesn’t exactly matter, just that get through without loosing out sanity!

Is anyone with me on this? I don’t  want to sit and drown in my Stepmom Stressors, I want to eliminate them.  I don’t care if its the slow process of hitting them one-by-one, or a fast and swift knockout! 

I just want them G-O-N-EIf you can’t tell, I have given this A LOT of thought! I’m ready, are YOU??

I have created this sneaky little checklist just for you Stepmoms who are like me and want to be FREE of all these stupid Stepmom Stressors swirling around your head at all!!

This checklist is FREE and printable so you can feel free to print it out, multiple copies, if needed and stick them all over the house! This is the Top 5 Basic Survival Strategies for Being a Stepmom Checklist!!

top 5 stepmom strategies


Want the ENTIRE survival guide? In fact The Survival Guide for EVERY Stepmoms? A course that contains EVERYTHING you need to know as a Stepmom plus some!!!




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The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms


What are YOUR ideas on Stepmom Survival Strategies?

I would LOVE to hear your ideas!

Feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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