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Discovering who you really are! Learning to live life for YOU!

Learn How To Discover The Real You And Create A Brighter Future Today!

Learn How To Discover The Real You And Create A Brighter Future Today!

Learning who you truly are and accepting that person! Start living for you and create a brighter future for yourself!

Embracing Your Imperfect Perfectness: Learning to LOVE & Live for the TRUE YOU!

A course teaching ALL woman:

HOW to discover the REAL you,

ACCEPT & LOVE that woman,

Start Living Wholeheartedly for the real YOU,

Following me through the “Starting Over” process & then creating your OWN

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Learn what the 3 C’s in life Area, & HOW to practice each one daily

Learn how to live your BEST life possible

See HOW to care for YOU + get a FREE Bonus on this topic!



Who would actually want to be IMperfect?

Who would want to spend their entire life being unhappy?


Live life as the true you and what you truly love! Don't allow predefined versions of yourself, cloud the real and beautiful woman you are inside! Be free to be you!

The answer technically would be no one.

But, that is what you are likely to do if you are always in search of perfection or you search for acceptance or approval from everyone in order to find HAPPINESS IN LIFE.

Here, imperfection is NOT defined as the opposite of perfection…

Imperfection here is rather a “freedom from perfection”.

That is what we all ultimately want – to be free from the chains of unrelenting perfection or acceptance.

Instead of searching for the nonexistent perfection, you should learn to fly on the wings that you have been given.

This is NOT referring to the ones that you believe everyone wants you to have or you believe you need to be “enough“. 

It’s time to let go and just “be” you.

It’s not as easy as it sounds! It’s probably one of the harder things in life.

Self-help books and courses similar to this, always talk about letting go, but they never quite get to the instruction part.

That’s one main way this course is different. We go step by step through the ENTIRE PROCESS start to finish! 

We all want to rise above the stigma that is grasping at us, day after day, for an unattainable perfection in every area of our lives.

You probably wonder,”Obviously, some people have reached that point or they wouldn’t be writing books about it, right?”

Heck no!

I created this course to help you because I have been through this battle already. 

Unfortunately, I also faced most of this battle ALONE.  I would never want anyone to go through that alone(or period, if I can help it) like I did.

That’s the MAIN reason I created this course!

I’m in, Sign Me Up!

We ALL need support and encouragement in times like this, which is what you’ll get plenty of throughout this course!

What exactly will I learn from this course? Great question! 

First, you’ll be given access to a FREE downloadable workbook. This workbook will guide you and go alongside the content throughout the whole course!

Here is a brief summary of what you’ll learn:

  • WHY you may need a Start Over in your life, HOW to decide, and a step by step on the entire Starting Over Process
  • Learn HOW to find the out who the REAL YOU is &  How to Accept & Love that person.
  • See HOW to start Living Wholeheartedly for YOU
  • See the true WORTH & IMPORTANCE you have
  • The Pre-Defined you VS the REAL you
  • Learn the steps to TRANSFORM your life & Start living the BEST life possible!

Being a woman is HARD enough without any added triggers! It’s time for you, to remember who YOU are, what YOUR worth and start living a life you can truly LOVE and ENJOY!

Don’t miss out on this awesome course that is actually more of an opportunity than a mere “course”, and it’s ALL for you…


As an enrolled student, you will also receive TONS of bonuses, printables, and activities. Discussion questions are also available…all to help ensure YOUR PERSONAL SUCCESS!!


This course is designed to HELP  WOMAN from all around who may be struggling like I once did! 

This is YOUR chance to START OVER in life and create an entirely NEW FUTURE!!

So what is the price point on a NEW HAPPIER, ALL-AROUND BETTER LIFE AND FUTURE? 

Honestly, before I used this content in my OWN life, I would have given ANYTHING for a new life, but especially a GOOD NEW ONE!

Fortunately for you, the cost isn’t anywhere near everything! In fact, right now the cost is EVEN LOWER than normal!

If you enroll in Embracing your Imperfect Perfectness today, you won’t pay the regular price of $125.


Enroll today, and you will only pay the one-time LOW PRICE of ONLY $75.00!


Still not completely convinced this course is for YOU?

Let me lay it out plain and clear for you! This course is right for you if: 

  • Your a woman struggling with Self-esteem, Self-image and/or Self-worth issues of any kind!
  • Your a woman is just plain out TIRED  of being UNHAPPY
  • Your a woman who wants to feel like herself again
  • Your a woman who wants a chance at living a happier, healthier, less stressful life that she truly loves and enjoys!

As amazing as this course is, it is NOT for everyone! So allow me to lay that out clearly as well!

This course is NOT for you if: 

  • You feel Happy & Completely Satisfied with your life, AS IS!
  • You have NO Insecurities about yourself, and you are fully Confident
  • You don’t want or need a happier, healthier, less stressful life you would LOVE and enjoy!

Or will you let this course and another precious day and allow yourself to continue feeling hopeless and forgotten? Or worse?

The choice is yours! But I do hope you choose wisely!


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How to Transition From a Single Mom to A Blended Mom with Ease!!!


How to Transform Yourself from A Single Mom to a Bonus aka Stepmom!

Are you a new or future  Stepmom who was previously a Single Mom? If you are, then the post is for you!

Take a peek into my life today!


Today, like most days, you’ll see me juggling three kids, that all call me mommy, in all of our days to day schedules, outings, and such.

One of these children is my 8-year-old blonde (not so little) girl, who is literally my mini-me, in looks and behavior!

Next, is my 6 (almost 7) year old boy (stepchild), who is tan skinned, brown hair and getting taller by the minute. Weird but I have people tell me even he favors me.

Last but never least is another little blonde (a tad darker) haired little girl, who looks just like her sister did when she was that age that is a just a whole bunch of spunk!

These three follow me everywhere and want everything I do and I couldn’t be more proud of each of them!

You are probably wondering where my husband is, well he is a roofer and leaves very early in the mornings and works until dark. He is a very hard worker and the four of us are blessed to have him!

However, not too many years ago I was right where you are: a single mom(to a beautiful cotton top baby girl). Take a look!

I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant and 19 when I had my first bio child. During my pregnancy months and even after, I struggled alot!

There were many times I was actually homeless, yes homeless! At times, I would have to feel like a bum asking my friends if I could sleep on their couches, other times I would sleep in my car.

In other words, times were often tough! My bio child’s sperm donor was just that. As soon as an actual baby was mentioned, he was gone! 

He would only come back into my life, when he wanted to erupt a volcano of destruction in my life, which I (being desperate for his “love” and “presence”)at the time, allowed him to, too many times! 

The situation always ended with me feeling more worthless, defeated, insecure, and lost than the time before.

 Despite all of that, I made it through, after several “no good” attempts at living arrangements (tell you that story another day) I finally settled into my own government-funded housing townhouse. (No shame here, everyone needs help sometimes!) It was in the bad part of town but I actually had no problems what so ever. I continued on with my family. As a Single mom, you live life solely for your child.

Eventually, I got a job which paid all the bills, and I cannot express the feeling I had when I could finally afford my baby girls entire Christmas on my own! It was one of the best feelings ever!

As a single mom, I worried about my child and then myself, and that was it.

I made sure the bills were paid, she was fed and had everything she needed and then I did the same for myself. I didn’t have anyone else to worry about at the time. Therefore, with any extra money that we had, I and my daughter would go out and do things we enjoyed doing.

We didn’t have to ask anyone else what they wanted to eat, where they wanted to go or worry about how anyone else felt and so forth. It was just me and her, for what seemed like an eternity! And while she got alot of what she wanted she was a VERY well behaved and well-mannered child naturally.

I will admit I treated her as a best friend alot in those days when I should have treated her as my daughter, but at the time I didn’t ever see things changing to where it wouldn’t be just me and her anymore and I let a lot slide.

Overall, after the and throughout the tough times I became a stronger woman and my child and I bonded tremendously!

Fast forward to when my (now) husband started dating, and take a peek!

So my husband had his bio child full-time with my stepson’s bio mom jumping in and out of my stepson’s life as she pleased. You can basically say she was the female version of my child’s sperm donor.

I’m sure you can guess as an early 20-year-old man raising a 2-year-old son alone, is not going to discipline that son very much or hard. Especially, when he (my spouse) was still holding onto the guilt of his son not having a mom around, even though the situation was certainly out of his control.

His son(my stepson was babied (big time, and yes my spouse will admit it) and my stepson was WILD.

When we first got together, we often times would fuss about the children’s discipline. Honestly alot of times I would find myself feeling guilty and jealous for my child because I wouldn’t let her get away with things by stepson would get away with. However, I don’t regret it now, because she knows right from wrong.

Eventually, we (my spouse and I) did get on the same page disciplining wise as well.

The kids would fuss because they would be jealous of one another. This was defiantly expected though seeing as though they were both only children to single parents before.

We dealt with grandparents picking favorites and had to both put a stop to that. We dealt with bio moms and bio dads trying to start trouble. Honestly, it feels like we went through every battle that should have torn our family apart but it didn’t. Because of all of that we are a strong united family!

I never told or asked my stepson to call me mom, my daughter was never told or asked to call my husband dad. Both children remember their bio parents, and both choose to rise above their situations and embrace the family they have.

Back to present day, you wouldn’t ever know that we are a blended family or the things we have gone through by looking at us. 

You will not convince my two older children that they are not brother and sister.  They fuss like cats and dogs but let anyone come in between them and they will stick up for one another faster than I have seen true siblings do. They both are very territorial over their baby sister as well!

You won’t see just my stepson with his dad separated from me and my daughter. You will see us all interacting as a blended family. All of our kids call me mommy and my spouse daddy and if asked they will tell you they all feel loved equally by each of us which is how I believe a blended family should be!

How to make this transition easiest begins by enrolling in my course The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms

This course takes you through every single step of becoming a Stepmom and actually being a Stepmom, even how to be and have a successful blended family. My course provides you with activities to participate in with your spouse and children.  It also has activities just for you the Stepmom!

This course is designed for new and existing Stepmoms! It can help and benefit all stepfamilies at any stage you’re in of blending your family!


 Becoming a Stepmom is a process that usually proves to hold many struggles and stressors no matter if you’re transitioning from a single mom divorced or windowed mom or a single woman who never even had her own kids, it’s hard!

But remember why you took the leap to begin with, remember that through all the bad who your battling for that man you love and those kids that are your everything… breathe…and stick it out!

Better days are coming momma! But do not for a second think it’s easy!

But the great thing about the fact of you  reading this post  is, you now have a friend and a go-to person to come to with questions, vents, struggles, or when you just need a listening ear or a story from my life to relieve you that it’s not “you”

This is why I’m here! If you are or now anyone struggling with the transition from being a Single mom into a Stepmom, or any parts before, in between, or after please feel free to reach out!

You are not alone!

Do you have any tips or stories related to this post? I would LOVE to hear them! Please share your thoughts with us all below!

Also, please feel free to download my FREE Printable to help you and your family adjust to being a blended family,  new or not! Its quick and easy and you’ll be directed directly to your Free Printable!



Are we friends on Facebook yet? Join myself along with other Stepmoms in my private stepmom group by clicking here.


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A Stepmoms Journey: 9 Major Things To Prepare For Before Becoming a Stepmom

A Stepmoms Journey: 9 things to prepare for when becoming a Stepmom



Are you a NEW Stepmom or FUTURE Stepmom

Well, let me start by saying, congratulations and also by saying a quick,  bless your sweetheart!! 

Ahh…Where do I begin?

What should you expect as a new Stepmom… do you mean besides your entire life changing? 

Well first off,  I would have to say, that most of these depend on what age the child is when he or she meets you and you become the Stepmom, and also it would depend on the relationship that child has with his or her bio mom.


My experience includes a 3-year-old who had:

  • never been really disciplined
  • a bio mom that had walked out and only popped in to cause MAJOR WRECKAGE -(even to the point of kidnapping…yes I’m not joking)

Nevertheless, this woman was this child’s Bio mom and it didn’t matter if she would have been,  “mom of the year” or the EXACT OPPOSITE…she was indeed, that little boy’s whole world, just as any little boys mom is and should be.

Fortunately, for me, I knew this child long before I actually became the Stepmom (I’ll have to explain in a different blog post lol) so the “stranger effect” didn’t apply for my situation.

  1. Although, you should defiantly prepare for the “Stranger Effect” before becoming the Stepmom! Here is an awesome post on this subject.

The list of things that DID apply to me, however, is not a short and always sweet one! I’ve provided that for you below!

The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms

  • Showing out- BIG TIME! I’m talking about preparing for tantrums like you wouldn’t believe. Kicking, hitting, throwing things, in my experience as he got older, he would try to make himself throw up and even went as far as choking himself. (Omg, yes I know) We started getting calls at daycare concerning his behavior as well.

Prepare for showing out, it is a way for a child to express themselves when they don’t know how. This is a perfect time and chance to start teaching the child how to properly express themselves and understand communication.

  • The child being abnormally clingy- In my personal experience, my stepson would be abnormally(my spouse found) clingy towards his dad.  This literally took a HUGE toll on our (very) NEW relationship. Even though I knew it just his son’s way of feeling secure, I couldn’t help but think things like,”Isn’t this supposed to be a time of love? You know, our honeymoon stage“.

But I learned very quickly that was just another thing you DO NOT get the benefit of having when you choose to date and/or marry someone who has a kid! So keep that in mind, you won’t have much alone time with your partner as a Stepmom if he has younger children.

  • Prepare for Jealousy(and issues spawning from it)
  • Prepare for Stress, Stress, and More Stress

I had to constantly remind myself that, “this would pass! I felt horrible for being so upset inside when he was only dealing with things the only way he knew how too. I had to forgive myself( and you probably will too) for that because my feelings were only natural and I am also only human. 

  • Prepare to learn how to DEAL-  you need to be prepared to learn how to simply DEAL. Deal with everything, all at once. The misbehavior, the clinginess, the jealousy, and smaller things such as being ” titled” whatever your stepchild chooses to call you (i’ll explain this later). You can’t let all of these things or any other things that happen(and they will) get the best of you. You have to learn to DEAL.
  • Prepare for Untrue Accusations-  you need to prepare for this especially if you have a bio child who is in this situation. Go ahead and prepare yourself to be accused of constant favoritism, picking fights, and so forth. This is especially true in the beginning. Kids will do things to try and split sides, you and your spouse HAVE to show the kids that you are a The Survival Guide For EVERY Stepmoms
  • Prepare for Arguments(probably a lot)- be prepared to have fights made for you by both your stepkid or bio kids between you and your spouse. Once you all have established and began bonding with one another, this should stop.
  • Prepare for Lying– Be prepared to hear both your stepkids and bio kids start lies or startup problems “just because “. Just as with arguments, this too should stop soon.
  • Prepare for Stepmom STRESSORS see this post here on this
  • Prepare to be Over-Emotional– trust me there will entirely TOO many days where you feel like an emotional wreckage & it is OKAY. This will pass just like all the rest did(or will!) Take a breather and focus on you for a little bit!
  • Prepare for Judgement: This is one of the things, I am NOT sure actually gets better with time.  The way (non)Stepmoms judge us Stepmoms is pure shameful, at times. Be prepared for it, because it will happen.

You have to look past this & LET IT GO! Yes, just like the Disney Movie Frozen! Lol

The above issues are just a few of the MANY things you should prepare for as a New or Future Stepmom!

Don’t let these things scare you away from being a Stepmom though!

I can help you throughout the entire process!

I have 3 courses that are the perfect solution to any of the above issues! You can see all 3 and what each of them can offer you by clicking here


As you can see, some of the things you’ll go through,  DO get better.

Just be sure to stay consistent and no matter how bad things get, as a Stepmom ALWAYS show compassion, support and forgiveness and let your blended family know that you’ll never leave them.

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Now I want to hear from YOU!

What kind of things did you have to deal with in the beginning or throughout your time as a Stepmom? Leave a comment below!

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