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Make your Childs Dreams Come True at LEGOLAND! Claim your Coupon Here!

Young or older, if you have kids who have ever enjoyed playing with Legos then you NEED to take them on an adventure today!

please note some links on my site are affiliate links, which means if a product ot service is redeemed through my link, i will receIve a commission off of it! This is at no cost to you, and doesn’t influence my opinion at all! I only promote items i use or trust!

This place will make your child’s dreams come true!

What place am I talking about exactly?

Well, with over 2 million LEGO bricks under one roof, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta is a LEGO lover’s dream!

Come to share our world of color, creativity and family entertainment.

Bring your mates and race your own pirate ship on our aquatic table at NEW Pirate Adventure Island! All of your kids are going to totally vote you best parent EVER for this trip!

Come to ride Merlin’s Apprentice and Kingdom Quest with your kids and feel like a child yourself once again!

Be sure to check out local Atlanta landmarks in our MINILAND and learn new building tricks in our Model Builder Academy.

I can’t forget to mention the awesome 4D movie experience LEGOLAND offers, with 5 different movies to choose from!

Movies including NEW The LEGO Movie 4D: A New Adventure!

LEGOLAND Atlanta is the ultimate place for LEGO fans young and old!

The exciting news isn’t finished yet, I am going to help you get to LEGOLAND by providing you with this coupon code below!

How awesome is that??

This coupon entitles the bearer to $5 off one (1) walk-up full price admission ticket! Sell the full details below!

(This coupon is not valid with any other discounts, coupons or offers, and cannot be used with online or pre-booked tickets. Only one coupon per transaction. Printed coupon must be surrendered upon purchase. No cash value. LEGO, LEGOLAND, and The LEGO logo are trademarks of The LEGO Group, 2014 The LEGO Group. (Code:1040))

Are you ready to claim your Coupon and start planning the vacation of a LIFETIME??

Click here to grab your coupon today!


Make your kids dreams come true at LEGOLAND Atlanta! 
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48 Springtime Home Decor Essentials For Under $20!!

48  Springtime Home Decor Essentials For Under $20!

Note: Some links found within this site may be affilaite links which means if a product or service is purchased through my link I will recieve a commission off of it this is at NO EXTRA Cost for you, EVER! Thanks for the support! 


Have you Spring-ified(as I call it) your house yet?

What does that mean?

Spring is the time to be out with the  old & in with the new! And by new I do mean colorful and bright!!

I am a total springtime addict, I’ll admit! I can’t help it,  the beautiful flowers blooming, the boutiques of flowers that sit on all of my table tops, bright curtains and accent rugs within my home, it takes me to my happy place!

Then theres obviously the beautiful weather, sunny skys and just enough breeze to keep you cool!

While I know I am beyond blessed every single day, the springtime brings along an overwhelmingly since of blessings! I just LOVE it Okay!

You probably know what else I love that could possibly hinder my springtime addiction.

Can you guess what it is?

Okay I’ll just tell you! Its SAVING MONEY, of course! I could easily go out and blow my entire savings account just on decorating my home alone!

But why would I? I can have  the same beautiful colors and patterns, the same springtime fragrances, the same look all around for very little price!

Most of my items I’ll admit come from the Dollar Tree You can’t really beat everything is $1!

Shop For Home Décor and Accessories Today! Visit DollarTree.com!


I know I can’t be the only wanting to spring-ify my house on a budget, so I compiled a list of

48 Springtime Home Decor Essentials For Under $20! 

They are GORGEOUS, I might add!

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Do you have any money saving hacks for decorating your home? I would LOVE to hear them! Feel free to comment yours in the space below!

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For your convience, below you’ll find each items description, price and you can be taken directly to that item by clicking its name below! You can either see more information on the product or go ahead and purchase it!

P.s. these items sell out FAST, so if you something you like don’t hesitate to purchase it!

Happy Spring Yall!

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Ways to Use DIY Projects to Save on Birthday Parties


My oldest daughter wanted to Have a Mermaid themed Birthday Party one ye4ar. I started looking at party decorations and items to purchase for the event, when I came to this conclusion.

How to Use DIY Projects to Cut cost at your Child's Birthday party 

One, chain retail stores are killing it on revenue from party supplies and probably quadrupling the actual item cost. Two, I am not an artist but I can follow directions well enough to save a TON of money on party decorations!

Some items we made ourselves for my daughters Mermaid Themed Birthday Party:

Note: some links are Affiliate links which means if you purchase an item through my link I will receive pa commission based fee off said products at NO CHARGE to you! So thank you for that.  I only promote products and services I completely trust and use myself! 

  • the “mermaids enter here” sign

This was so simple, my husband literally cut four pieces of wood and made one a ‘sign holder’ the other three were cut the same size. We nailed the three onto the sign holder piece with the middle piece a slight bit further out then the outer two. I painted the background a mix of blue and pink with silver glitter. When that dried I stenciled in the letters, and I hot glued some shells onto it.

– party favors

I went to my local craft store and purchased pink, purple, and blue necklace cord for really cheap like this:

I had plenty of shells around the house from trips to the beach. I took a bunch of the shells and basically made a mess with paint, but I just rubbed them all around in pink and blue paint. It made a really pretty mermaid looking color. Then I sprayed them with glitter glaze which leaves a hard cover over them. After that I took my husband’s drill and a very small drill bit and made a small hole in the top of the shells. The shells I didn’t paint pink and blue, I just sprayed with the glitter glaze so it was a pretty off white color. I took the cord and made some necklaces and some bracelets for the party bags.

If you don’t have any shells they have plenty at Wal-Mart for really good prices


I took another batch of shells and hot glued small pearl beads into the middle of them so they looked like pearl clams and sprayed them with the glaze as well.


– table centerpieces


I don’t know about anyone else, but I always seem to have alot of unused vases. Like flower vases, so I took those and sprayed the outside with spray glue and then sprinkled different glitter colors on each of them. I filled them up with small round “rocks” that I found on sale at my local Michael’s which only cost me about $2. They were adorable!

– party activities

For one of the party activities my daughter wanted a treasure hunt, so we found a cheap chest that we decorated with, yep you guessed it glitter again. We filled it with sand and put some change from our spare change drawer, some of the shells with pearls on them and a few other items we purchased at the dollar tree. It was a hit!

– my daughters outfit

Now this wasn’t DIY but it was so, so cheap! I purchased it off of Ebay, just typed in kid mermaid costume and I found it so quick. It cost me less than $10

– themed tableware

We used a $1 white tablecloth with all the table decorations we hand made we didn’t need a custom tablecloth.


I printed off mermaids pictures from Pinterest and put some in frames to hang around the room. I also printed off cupcake toppers and  glued them onto cardstock to make it thicker. I printed off the small mermaid designs to place onto the cups as well. For the napkins and plates we bought plain baby blue and a light purple color.

Find everything you could ever need at ANY mermaid birthday party

( An alternative that’s only a little more costly are the pre made mermaid themed party items from Wal-Mart)


With all the colors and glitter thrown in, the party looked awesome! My daughter loved it and it was a very stressfree event overall!!

Birthday Parties for kids don’t need alot of money thrown into them! Make the day special by making them feel special and loved!!

Before starting any projects always double check at your local  Walmart.com – Homepage and make sure there are no sales going on related to the party supplies. I find ALOT of party supplies on clearence or highly marked down nearly everytime I shop at Walmart!


 What DIY projects have you created to cut cOSt at any party? I would LOve to hear your thOughts! Leave them in the commenTS below! 

 Of course if you have your own Cricut Machine you could make Freaking ADORABLE custom invites, placecards, paper decor, all using your own machine! 

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