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48 Springtime Home Decor Essentials For Under $20!!

48  Springtime Home Decor Essentials For Under $20!

Note: Some links found within this site may be affilaite links which means if a product or service is purchased through my link I will recieve a commission off of it this is at NO EXTRA Cost for you, EVER! Thanks for the support! 


Have you Spring-ified(as I call it) your house yet?

What does that mean?

Spring is the time to be out with the  old & in with the new! And by new I do mean colorful and bright!!

I am a total springtime addict, I’ll admit! I can’t help it,  the beautiful flowers blooming, the boutiques of flowers that sit on all of my table tops, bright curtains and accent rugs within my home, it takes me to my happy place!

Then theres obviously the beautiful weather, sunny skys and just enough breeze to keep you cool!

While I know I am beyond blessed every single day, the springtime brings along an overwhelmingly since of blessings! I just LOVE it Okay!

You probably know what else I love that could possibly hinder my springtime addiction.

Can you guess what it is?

Okay I’ll just tell you! Its SAVING MONEY, of course! I could easily go out and blow my entire savings account just on decorating my home alone!

But why would I? I can have  the same beautiful colors and patterns, the same springtime fragrances, the same look all around for very little price!

Most of my items I’ll admit come from the Dollar Tree You can’t really beat everything is $1!

Shop For Home Décor and Accessories Today! Visit DollarTree.com!


I know I can’t be the only wanting to spring-ify my house on a budget, so I compiled a list of

48 Springtime Home Decor Essentials For Under $20! 

They are GORGEOUS, I might add!

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Do you have any money saving hacks for decorating your home? I would LOVE to hear them! Feel free to comment yours in the space below!

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For your convience, below you’ll find each items description, price and you can be taken directly to that item by clicking its name below! You can either see more information on the product or go ahead and purchase it!

P.s. these items sell out FAST, so if you something you like don’t hesitate to purchase it!

Happy Spring Yall!

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house into a home

Making Your New Blended House a Home That Every One Feels Comfortable In, While Staying on a Budget!

How to Make Your New Blended House a Home

That Everyone Feels Comfortable Living In, While Staying on a Budget!

* Note Some links found within this website may be affiliate links which means if you purchase a product or service through my link, I may receive a commission based fee off of it! This is at NO COST to you EVER! So thanks for the support, I truly appreciate it!



When I first started dating my husband, I never imagined I would ever move into the house he lived in. You must be wondering, why?

Well, because that was the house that he lived in with his ex wife, my step child’s Bio mom. I HATED that house and to be honest even HATE was not a strong enough word. All of her possessions were gone, but the presence lingered on.

I was straight forward with him about my feelings for moving in and he gave me a QUICK reality check!! I was being extremely immature about the entire situation and I can see that now, but then I couldn’t even begin too.

He explained that as newlyweds, which we would be when we moved in with one another, newlyweds both having a Bio child of our own and very dramatic ex’s, minimum wage jobs and so on, we would NEVER last if we were to go out and purchase or even rent another home at that point in time of our lives.

Inside I knew the truth, but I couldn’t face reality! Why? It made me feel insecure, it made me feel jealous, it made me feel vulnerable and that scared the daylights out of me!

With this house being paid off and the taxes not very much, we could actually be able to SAVE for the dreams we had for our future! My husbands divorce and custody case costs him nearly all his savings, and I only worked a part time job at that point. So I didn’t like it in the least bit, but I LOVED my husband and I couldn’t let this tear us apart, so reluctantly I moved in.

He was very patient with my feelings and told me to move stuff and re-decorate, throw out, replace, paint, etc whatever I had to do to make this OUR home! He said its your personal masterpiece!

I felt excited but for some reason I was so subconsciously against doing anything to the house at ALL. I still despised it! I would tinker with things here and there but nothing I did felt right with the redecorating. That is, until I became pregnant with my husbands and myself’s child together. Call it nesting or whatever you’d like but I saw it as my breakthrough. 

I finally could channel a want, a desire, to change the house we now call home, and once I started, I didn’t stop!

Turning our new blended families house into our home.

Since my two girls would share a room, I opted in (more than eagerly) to swap mine and my husbands room to the smaller room and the shared girls room would relocate to the bigger room so they could each have their own space. My stepsons room was perfect for him and he loved it thankfully. We took a wall down in the small room and made the room a tad bigger, ripped up the carpet and put down hardwood floors.

I spent HOURS sanding the hardwood and staining the wood walls to the perfect color how we had agreed on. Then, I continued on to paint the kids rooms. To save money on painting cost, I went searching in my husbands gigantic barn.

Here were my findings: TONS of white paint, a very bright red, a super dark blue, a very small container of dull yellow and a mint green.

I knew I could come up with something for a (then) 5 year old girl, newborn girl,  and 4 year old boy’s rooms. So I began experimented. I  started on my daughters room, since it’s the biggest, I painted all 4 walls white.  Then, I took the bright red and white and made a very pretty pale pink color.

I painted the two opposite facing walls with the pink and let it dry. Then, I mixed the red with the white again but not as much this time and it came out a brighter pink, so for the second layer, I used the brighter color. For the remaining two walls, I took the mint green and yellow mixed and made a pastel green that my daughter LOVED. It turned out so pretty and girly.

Moving on to the boy room, remember the dark blue I found? I mixed it with white and did a sponge type painting effect, in the end you could see the white that was under the blue but barely, and it looked awesome put all together. So Painting which dramatically changed the look of the rooms and the cost being a whopping $0 bucks!

How to make your new blended families house a home.

After the bedrooms were painted, we took down the bar that never got used and that separated the kitchen and dining room which COMPLETELY opened the entire house up!

Next up was the accent pieces: curtains, pillows, hanging pictures, accent rugs, shelves etc.

I had no particular plan or order to this madness, I just knew I was in a groove. I found this awesome triangle shelf at a thrift store for $2, bought some blue/turquoise spray paint and started painting away. I had several small wooden shelves as well and I painted those turquoise too.

Now, since my husband and I, had swapped to the small bedroom we didn’t have a big closet and worse it had no door. I had tons  of curtains but none that I liked, so I came across a turquoise pattern shower curtain, the fabric kind.  I hung a curtain rod over my 3 “closet opening” and windows.

To make the shower curtain fit length wise, I had to cut it and then for it to hang on the curtain rod, I took the top and folded it over about 1 1/2 in and hot glued it into place, leaving just enough room for the curtain rod to slide in and hang in place.


I found a soft almost silky feeling turquoise piece of fabric among my craft supplies so i decided to make this my next curtain. It was very plain though. So I whipped my hot glue gun back out, took some extra fabric from the shower curtain one, and glued fabric into flower shapes about mid way. It looks so pretty!

I hung the triangle turquoise shelf I painted earlier behind my kitchen sink but higher, and used a small picture frame and placed a gold piece of scrapbook paper that had the saying ” Do What You Love” printed on it, into the frame.  Added some “fake” and pretty flowers, and a picture my dad hand painted. Its very inspiring to look at while cleaning the unpleasant dishes.

I hung the other small shelves around in various places around our home, mostly adding pictures to them. Below my kitchen sink eventually will hold the custom cabinets my husband is making us, but for now I hung the remainder of the turquoise pattern fabric and painted the top two drawers turquoise and it all blends beautifully.

I’ve made several other small changes here and there. I absolutely LOVE flowers and boutiques, and I have added them everywhere I can, even framed pictures of flowers. The kids and I made several different DIY decor items mostly painting and fixing up older items, framing fabric patterns and various pictures/ quotes, we even set up a mini family board “center” with a calendar that hangs above my desk, 3 cubby’s (one for each kid) that has a small chalkboard square patch on the front of each cubby.

On the desk there are containers with pencils and erasers, paper for the kids homework, an old school pencil sharpener hanging on the wall beside the desk, in the side drawer I have stocked it up with rewards stickers, good job certificates, stapler/stables, and other odd and end craft/school items.

We (my husband and I) found two school house desks the kind we actually used in middle school. One has a orange seat and one has a blue seat and wooden table tops. They use these for homework, and they work perfectly because the bottom has a rack where they can store their papers  projects, crafts and all from the day.

In my daughters room I hung up floating shelves added small hanging containers which I filled with her nail polishes, placed a necklace hanger and hung all of her jewelry  up and set up my old makeup mirror on the lowest shelf for her to have her own little makeup studio.

In my sons I painted a wooden stand up shelf that has two shelves separating it, on top I placed an unused aquarium and placed semi big rocks around it, keep in mind it has trees painted onto the glass, after placing all the rocks just right,  I added his dinosaur collection into the aquarium, some facing each other, some standing side by side and some fighting.

Experiencing our house finally being a home for our blended family that we all love!

Needless to say, the kids were ecstatic about their new “cool” rooms as they call them, I was proud and so happy to have a home with my blended family, and my husband was so relieved that our new blended house had finally been made into a home! A home we all loved, we all felt comfortable in, and a home we could all grow together and spend our futures together happily.

I think the best part of it all was redecorating to this extreme (our house literally looks like a different place) for practically NOTHING!! Almost everything I utilized for the home makeover was refurbished, re purposed, or found super cheap at yard sales or thrift stores.

If I would of relied on going out and buying all brand new items, I would of put our new blended family in debt, which ultimately would of caused us to have some type of turmoil in one way or another, and we didn’t need ANY of that! Plus, honestly I don’t think I would be as happy with all new stuff as I am with the new look and feel of our home using the items we did!

Have you ever tried any of the techniques I mentioned? Maybe you have used different DIY tricks or have other ways to save money on a house makeover, please feel free to share them below! I would love to hear them!


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Ways to Save Money on the 3 Most Expensive Wedding Cost! (Plus an Awesome Deal from Jewel on Fire)

Ways to Save Money on the Top 3 Highest Wedding Exspenses for your Wedding

It is actually possible to have a wedding that costs little to nothing & no I’m not crazy to say this!

**Note some links found below maybe affiliate links which means if product or service is purchased through my link, I may receive a commission based fee off said product. This is at NO CHARGE  to you, ever! This is a sponsored post that I will receive compensation from however, statements and reviews are my own thoughts and are in no way influenced by my compensations. See my full disclosure here .

Read to the end to receive an Exclusive A Blended Momma Coupon Code for Jewel on Fire 

Some people think that for a wedding to be beautiful you have to spends thousands and even hundred of thousands of dollars. Women all over the world literally turn into bride-zillas and wear themselves down with stress over their wedding days.

Weddings are supposed to beautiful and make you happy, yes.

Your wedding day is also supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. I don’t know about you but how could be it be the happiest day of your life if you are constantly stressed out and worried sick about over it.

There are usually 3 things most people tend to spend entirely too much money on for weddings: the rings, the venue, and the dress.

So here are some ideas to cut those 3 costs and for to create a stress free and simple wedding that cost little to nothing and still be beautiful!



The rings: Let me tell you when i got engaged, my husband gave me such a beautiful ring that i seriously wondered what illegal crime he had to of committed to afford such a beauty!

Little did i know he had been out and stopped at a thrift store and found this ring (yes its real) and paid less than $50 for it!

Yes, I realize that was by pure luck, but it does happen! Pawn shops are another option people tend to overlook for rings  (and tons of other items I might add) For those that just wont go to a thrift stores or pawn shops

here is a third option jewel on fire cuts out the middle man completely and offers beautiful jewelry including wedding rings up to 90% of the retail price!

Keep reading to get a A Blended Momma Exclusive Coupon Code to use at Jewlery on Fire 


The Venue: Contrary to popular belief, the venue doesn’t have to be this monstrous sized place that costs more than your house. You don’t even need to rent a place. There are churches that don’t charge for weddings as long as clean up afterwards, or why not do like I did. 

My wedding took place AT MY HOUSE! Of course we decorated our yard and put tables and chairs out but my wedding venue was FREE and in our yard!

Do some research and find an affordable place. Almost any place can be made beautiful with a little bit of creativity! Remember your guests are there to celebrate you and your marriage not to be impressed.

Unleash Your Creativity – Project kits, supplies and video content to help you master what you love.


The Dress: you make think I’m crazy for this one but I’m not. I am a firm believer in Saving money in any way I can.

When I started My wedding dress hunt guess where I began? Yep, a thrift store! While the first thrift store I stopped at wasn’t the one I found My dress at, the next one was.

My dress was beautiful and believe it or not didn’t even require any alterations! I did research on the dress and originally this dress cost over $600 I paid $12! No stains, rips, or tears!

If you don’t like this option, try renting one. A lot of people also sell used dresses on eBay and Facebook! 


Cake Decorating Supplies


Wedding Photography: The Romantic Portrait Session – $19.99

Retail Price: $40.00
You Save: $20.01
from: Craftsy


There are TONS of legitimate ways to save tons of money on your weddings! Don’t allow money to make your happy day become a nightmare!

Focus on the actual reason for  having a wedding which is to celebrate your new marriage.

So focus on you and your spouse and the rest will fall into place!

Okay y’all, you made it to the end and i promised You an exclusive coupon if you did!

So if you go to jewel on Fire by clicking—> here

and use this coupon code: —-> ABLENDEDMOMMA

you will receive 25% off entire purchase site wide! 

Here are some benefits of using Jewel on FIre:

Not only will you enjoy up to 90% off retail prices and beautiful products but also receive:









If you missed the link for jewel on fire before you can see it here again!

What cost cutting expenses are you struggling with? I’d love to hear your comments and help you out!

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