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Learn How to Easily SURVIVE Back to School as a Stepmom!

Learn How to Easily SURVIVE Back to School as a Stepmom! 

It seems like summer just began, didn’t it? Unfortunately though, back to school time is right on our heels and as a Stepmom, this time can be absolutely INSANE!

If you parent, the kids probably spent the summer away or partially away from home, which can make the coming home part confusing and chaotic! If your kids stayed with you during summer break, you probably didn’t have much time to organize or prep for the back to school time.

For this coming up back to school season, I want to provide you with the easiest way to SURVIVE it!

The very first step is to create and establish a game plan and get everyone on board!

By gameplay I am talking about the routine or schedule you plan to have throughout the school year. Who will have the kids and when? Pickups and drop-offs, who will do either if the main person cannot. School events, homework, lunches, etc.

You know what will work for you and your spouse so the two of you establish your proposed plan and ask the other parent to do the same. Get together and discuss both proposals and come up with 1 solution that works for you all!

Cozi Family Organizer

This needs to be done ahead of time in case you either cannot agree with one another and/or there is an issue that needs to time to be solved.


Secondly, supplies, school clothing, shoes, and fees should be a shared investment.

My husband and I, now, are the only parents in our kids live so we are the ones to do all of this! However, if you are co-parenting these expenses should be shared or split, in a fair manner!

School supplies alone are costly! When you add in the new outfits, shoes, undergarments etc it’s outrageously expensive. Even further, the older grade levels require “class fees” that are not cheap where we live.

The supply list usually comes out at the end of the previous school year. Get a couple of copies and either split the list or you & your spouse meet with the other parent and choose who buys what. Same with the outfits and such, you buy this set amount and the other parent buys the same amount. It shouldn’t be difficult if you have a healthy co-parenting relationship! Read more..

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Ever Heard Of Black Friday In July? See MEGA Deals From Macy’s Plus Enter The $2500 Giveaway Now!

Black Friday In July Sales Event at Macy’s

Shop MEGA DEALS at the Black Friday in July sales event at Macy's + a HUGE giveaway

please Note: Some links found on my site may be affilaite links, which means if you purchase a product or service THROUGH my link, I may reCIEVE a commission off of it. This is at no cost to you, ever. This is a sponsored post for Savings.Com and Macy’s. I was compensated for this post. This compensation didn’t influence my opinion or promotion in any way!

Have you ever heard of the Black Friday in July sales event?!

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Okay, so I knew about the huge Black Friday sales that take place everywhere, but the one I was aware of… only took place in…November?

So what was this Black Friday in July sales event? I am obviously way “behind” in the world!

Because this “sales/savings event” started THREE years ago, and was orginally created to follow after Amazon’s prime day sale!

Not suprising, this event is becoming more and more popular with big time retail stores all over the world! 

Since I am now well aware of the sale event, I have decided to highlight one of the big time retail stores that are involved. I choose to do this, to let you in one some their MEGA savings throughout the event!

The store I have chosen to highlight in this Black Friday in July event is….MACY’S!

Macy’s has TONS of HUGE sales in lew of the Black Friday in July savings event!

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I personally found TOO many items that I want to purchase for myself!

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Free Resources for Step Moms

Stepmom Resources to Help with your Personal Success!

Are you looking for Stepmom Resources to Help with your Personal Success? Well, look no further! 🙂

Being a Mom and Stepmom, I know first hand how many times I wished so badly I had a ready made list of resources desigend for woman like me! You are in luck because I woudln’t want you to have to search and wish, so I made the list for YOU!



Facebook Groups:

Pinterest Groups/Tribes:

Want to add your Stepmom Group Board/Tribe to the list? Click here to do so!

Helpful Books: (the following are affiliate links see my full disclosure here)

Printable Downloads:


Interactive Classes for Stepmoms:

Legal Resources:

Marriage Help:

Divorce Help:

Self (esteem, image, issues, confidence) Help:


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Are you interested in seeing all the current courses & products we offer? Check this out ➡ Current Courses, Events, & Learning OpportunitiesMost Popular Offers

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I hope these resources help you on your personal Stepmom journey and direct you toward success as a Stepmom! This particular journey isn’t easy, but at A Blended Momma, you have support and someone to seek help from whenever you need it! All you need to do is ask!

What specific issues or events are affecting you today?

Is there any topic, issues, struggle etc YOU need specific help or support on?

I would love to hear from you and help you anyway I can, feel free to use the comment section below to express your thoughts! 

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