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Free Resources for Step Moms

Stepmom Resources to Help with your Personal Success!

Are you looking for Stepmom Resources to Help with your Personal Success? Well, look no further! 🙂

Being a Mom and Stepmom, I know first hand how many times I wished so badly I had a ready made list of resources desigend for woman like me! You are in luck because I woudln’t want you to have to search and wish, so I made the list for YOU!



Facebook Groups:

Pinterest Groups/Tribes:

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Helpful Books: (the following are affiliate links see my full disclosure here)

Printable Downloads:


Free Workshops:

Interactive Classes for Stepmoms:

Legal Resources:

Marriage Help:

Divorce Help:

Self (esteem, image, issues, confidence) Help:


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I hope these resources help you on your personal Stepmom journey and direct you toward success as a Stepmom! This particular journey isn’t easy, but at A Blended Momma, you have support and someone to seek help from whenever you need it! All you need to do is ask!

What specific issues or events are affecting you today? Is there any topic, issues, struggle etc YOU need specific help or support on?

I would love to hear from you and help you anyway I can, feel free to use the comment section below to express your thoughts! 

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divorce survival guide for woman

Coping with Divorce When Its Your ONLY Option!

Coping With your Divorce When It’s the Only Option!

Note- Some links may be affilaite links which means if you purchase a product or service through my site I will receive a commission off of it at NO charge to you! No worries I only promote services I trust 100%

Coping with your divorce can seem like a lonely and over whelming experience and sadly this challenging experience seems to be on the increase in today’s society and our children are not finding having two parents that are living in two different houses to be such an isolating experience.

Most people today turn to the World Wide Web when they seek out divorce support and there is no doubt that this is how you found this article. If you are looking for help or support and wanting to avoid depression and pain, or need advise is how to help your children through and move on yourself then the following will be of benefit to you.

In this article we will focus on “Pain Avoidance” and discuss the three points you may want to be most careful to avoid.

For clarity here, there are some things that you need to know. You should know that you are not alone in the emotional roller coaster you are going through and that it is perfectly normal to have irrational thoughts and feelings at this time because it is part of our flight or fight response to keep our lives on track.

You might also want to know about such aspects as understanding about self esteem, how coping with divorce will affect your children and why it is so important to look after yourself.

So what is to avoid here?
When going through divorce process, planning ahead will ensure you will be coping with your divorce as best you can. There is going to be emotional pain, probably financial worry too but hopefully the outcome of your planning will provide you with the ability to move forward to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Here are three things to carefully consider and avoid:

  1. Blaming yourself for the marriage breakdown. The reason for this is; just as it took two people to develop the happy relationship at the outset, it takes two people to nurture and keep the love and friendship alive. We are stereotyped into what roles we play within a marriage and out of necessity sometimes we move apart. But if one partner has been cheating or not paying enough attention then it can lead to a breakdown of trust and security. A lack of effort on either side or no communication can easily destroy the relationship and make you forget the reasons it was so good at the outset.

  2. Letting yourself go. While trying to survive the divorce process it is easy to forget meal times and you may let your diet or appearance slip. Why is that? Probably because your appetite has gone down the pan and, seriously, you probably feel what’s the point trying to make an effort when your world is turning upside down? Well let me explain how wrong this is! It’s all too easy to get caught up in your problems right now but life has to go on. A good diet, regular exercise and pride in your appearance are what you need to help yourself. What’s more, a logical and rational mind lives in a healthy, happy body! Make changes for the better and keep yourself busy and focused.

  3. Your children are going to need some help. The reason for that is, to put it simply, sheer confusion! Their stability is being threatened – someone is leaving and how do they know the other person won’t too? They may feel the divorce is their fault, they may think they wont be loved anymore, they may imagine a move of house, a change of school, new friends, and new step-parents. You can see why their fears are so huge!

Keep on doing positive things and avoid those you know to be negative. Remember in the depth of your pain as a couple that breaking the bonds can be a positive move to a happier, more fulfilling future for you all but there is no doubt you will need support and understanding at the outset whilst coping with your divorce!

Take help where it is offered and seek it where it isn’t! Learn how to carry on with life and move forward while coping with your divorce by going to my ‘Coping With Your Divorce’ web site at: here

Below are some other resources to help you with coping with your divorce!

divorce survival guide for woman

coping with your divorce

Need Divorce Advice and Resources? Find everything you need here

Want to become a Certified Relationship Coach and Start Helping Transform Peoples Lives?Become a Certified Relationship Coach Today

Expert Custody Help

divorce a jerk ebook

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total marriage makeover

If You Had to Rate Your Marriage as it is Right Now…What Would Your Number Be?

total marriage makeover
If you had to rate your own marriage as it was right now, what would be your number?

Note: Some links may contain affiliate links which means if you purchase a product or service through my link I will receive a commission off of it at NO cost to you ever! No worries I only promote items I trust 100%!

What’s your marriages “magic” number?

I get it, sometimes it’s scary to think about…

…but other times it can be fun and make you feel proud.

If I asked you right NOW to rate the happiness in your marriage on a scale from 1-10, what would you say?

You might be suffering through a “1” period of broken trust, frustration or even separation.

You might say you’re a “7” and feeling pretty darn good right now.

Maybe you’re a “5” and things are “fine” or “pretty good”…after all that’s average, right?

Regardless of how satisfied you are today in your marriage, I bet there’s room for improvement. And keep reading to find out the next best step for YOU and your situation.

My friend Dustin Riechmann from Engaged Marriage recently shared something touching from a speaking event he did with his wife Bethany up in Michigan.

He said one of his favorite moments from the event came from a “7” who approached them at their book table during intermission.

She said that their talk and the action plan they provided totally inspired her husband who said “7 is NOT good enough for us…let’s do even BETTER!”

That same night he received an email from two different people who were having a very tough time…clearly in “1” status right now. He gave them similar advice for what to do next to improve their relationship.

Dustin said they wanted a better way to help more people move “up the scale” too since they can’t reach everyone with in-person speaking events, so they’ve put together a new web class that they promise will help you enjoy more happiness, intimacy and satisfaction in your marriage…

…whether you’re flying solo as a “1” or feeling “good enough” about things further up the scale.In fact, they want to share this plan with you for FREE!

Just click the link below to get signed up for the time that works best for your schedule:

Click here to get the details and sign up for FREE today

It’s not possible for everyone to join us for a live event or get coaching. That’s why Dustin and Bethany created this web class for you!

And you can attend solo or as a couple…but you have to register to save your spot:

Click here to get the details and sign up for FREE today

Dustin and Bethany are making this FREE for you to attend, but only for a limited time. And if you’re in the “middle ground” of 4-6 right now, there’s much more to this story that you don’t want to miss.

Please get signed up today:

>>Yes, I want MORE for my marriage!

Want Access to My FREE Massive Marriage Resources List that Can and WILL Save Your Marriage as Long as YOU TAKE ACTION now!? Click here to download the list for free!

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