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The Top 7 Ways to Prevent the Spring Time Cold & Flu from Hitting your Blended Family this Year!!

The Top 7 Ways to Prevent the Spring Time Cold & Flu from Hitting your Blended Family this Year!!

Note: Some links found within this site are affiliate links which means if you purchase a product or service through my link I may receive a commission based fee of it. This is at NO CHARGE to you EVER! So thank you for the support, I truly appreciate it!

6 by Ashlee Martin

How I prevent Spring Time cold in flu in my house:

As most of you have probably already noticed Spring is by far my favorite season!! The weather is usually beautiful, the temperature is just right, and it seems like the entire world around me is so much more colorful! I live in Alabama so Spring doesn’t last very long before the HOT summer comes raging in and taking over, but while its here I defiantly try to enjoy it!

The one thing that can but a major halt in the Spring time bliss are the sicknesses it can bring especially for those prone to allergies. Which is my entire family!

My step son actually gets sick every time the season or weather changes in the least bit, so we had to find ways to prevent the Spring time cold or flu’s from hitting our blended household as much as we could! Today, I am going to share the Top 7 ways to prevent the Spring time cold or flu from hitting your blended family household!!

The Top 7 Ways to Prevent Spring Time Cold or Flu from Hitting  your Blended Household this Year!

    1. Be prepared for changing temperatures and dress for the ACTUAL temperature outside. Meaning for those of you who like myself, change the kids “seasonal” clothes out at the end of each passing season to the upcoming seasonal attire, might want to hold onto some of the warmer outfits for a little longer! One day may be really hot and the next its chilly enough for pants and a jacket. Some days make this even more confusing by being cold in the mornings and by the middle of the day you are looking for your shorts and tank tops, and by night your back to shivering and wearing pants! This is a major factor for Spring time sickness’s.
    2. Keep germs DOWN by using preventative measures. My oldest daughter has this COVERED! Her book bag is loaded with key chains holding antibacterial soaps! She even asked for some for Christmas!! We also never let our supply of Lysol and Lysol wipes get low! I can prevent all the germs I want around the house, however, school is the problem. Teach your kids good preventative measures such as always washing their hands, using antibacterial soaps, and never eating or drinking someone else’s products!
    3. Stay hydrated. This is not only for Spring time this always. It especially becomes important in the summer, but its always important because if you become dehydrated your immune system will be down and cause you to get sick more easily!
    4. Try to keep your house and other items as Dust and Pollen free as possible! Pollen is a HUGE problem for us way in the deep south, we can walk outside and our black truck will have a yellowish tint. Almost all of us are allergic to pollen and its really messes up the sinus’s. Taking a water hose or even going to a car wash to your car as often as you can, can help some. 
    5. Make sure you take your daily vitamins. Again, this is not only for Spring time but I make sure my kids have one every single day! My step son who has a bigger problem with getting sick than my daughters do, also takes an additional immune support vitamin. I wasn’t sure if that was actually working or not and we took a break from it. Let me tell you THEY DO WORK! He had not been getting sick very often, actually rarely. Once we took a break from the additional vitamins we started noticing he would get a snuffy nose and cough when before he wouldn’t. We re-started those immediately! For most kids however, a normal multivitamin will do fine. Here are the ones we use and swear by!
    6. Let Some Spring time air in. This is one of the best features about spring, on a sun shining and windy day, open your windows and let the cool breeze run throughout your house! The Spring air will give you a lovely refresher and blow away some of the dust particles and other germs from your household!
    7. Make Healthy Spring-ey Type Foods to Boost the Immune System. Farmers Markets are normally open and selling tons of beautiful and home grown healthy fruits and veggies around this time. Its normally very easy to find one near you! Try out different more colorful recipes this Spring and have yours kids loving healthy foods(that they probably won’t even notice are healthy!)


If you unwillingly find that the Spring time cold or flu HAS hit your family, here are some products I would recommend using!

First, this thermometer was a LIFE SAVER and total being sick game CHANGER for me!! None of my kids liked the normal thermometer and would either fight me so bad to not have it used, or pretend to hold it under their tongue but they were actually only barely sticking it in their mouths. Another problem I had with the normal one, was by the time I gathered three kids in the car and arrived at the doctor I couldn’t remember what their actual last temperature even WAS!!

This HealthSmart Digi Thermometer Forehead & Ear Thermometer has a verbal and digital read out. It fits easily and snug in all three of my kids ear, only takes seconds to read,and STORES my memory!! This HealthSmart Theremometer also has the date and time on the screen for exact determination of their last temperatures!! Its awesome, compact , affordable, and the batteries that came with the thermometer have lasted well over a YEAR for me!! If you don’t want the verbal readout all you have to do is a hit an obvious TALK button!

Here is a Quick Video of my Daughter demonstrating how the thermometer works!!

Secondly, I always keep Seasonal Allergy Medicines available along with Tylenol/Motrin for all the kids ages! Below are some I recommend and they are excellent prices!

I also like to keep a humidifier available and for those of you (like me) who use essential oils will know I also have my diffuser and oils going as well! Here are some of the humidifiers and   additional products I use, along with  a less expensive alternative to the essential oils.

P.S. if you want to learn more about essentials oils or sign up click here
I would love to hear what PREVENTATIVE measures your household takes in the Spring time! Please feel free to comment below!


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Are you Crafty Person or Love the Idea of Creating Projects, but don’t not sure how or where to start?

No problem! I have the perfect solution for! Doesn’t matter if you have tons of experience or none at all! What I’m about to introduce you to,has classes and products, workshops, DVDs, tutorials and more!! Over 1600 videos taught by expert crafters avaiable to show you the ropes!

I have ALWAYS envied anyone who had crafting skills! I love design elements and handmade crafts are my favorite things! I can literally see the image in my head of  what I want to create, but when I try normally you would mistake it for a 3 year olds art. No joke.

Recently, I was introduced to the amazing company, Craftsy. It’s a memberships program designed for crafters new and highly experienced! Your expertise doesn’t matter here!


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Why Join Craftsy?

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These classes are way cheaper than they are offered locally where I live.  PLUS…

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Make something that means something at Craftsy.com


They have awesome classes like this one: Online Cake Decorating Class

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I know most of you have Kids like me, right? They also have videos to teach kids and get them involved! Take this awesome Kids Kit, for example!

Kids Bread Baking Kit – $24.99

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They also offer DVDS for learning various skills see some examples below!

Fantastic Filler Flowers (DVD)

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Whether you’re a crafting newbie or a seasoned professional, come make yourself at home. Try a class, start a new project or just look around if you’re curious. Either way, we’re pretty sure you’ll find a friend.

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 Craftsy is awesome community to join! There’s something for everyone! Join today! I forgot to mention Craftsy is also available on Google play store or the Apple store for taking Craftsy on the go!!

Here’s another exciting part of Craftsy! When I find something I love, I like to see if I can get compensation for promotion. I applied to Craftsy to become an affiliate and they accepted! Also, guess what? If you sign up (and are accepted) to become a Craftsy affiliate, you get all of their affiliate member benefits (which includes 1 free crafting course valued up to $49.99). Also, I receive $10 for the referral. Isn’t that awesome?! I call that a win-win!

Take a look at the Craftsy affiliate benefits and consider becoming a Craftsy affiliate!

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Online Sewing Class

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I want to hear from you! Have you joined Craftsy? What is your favorite part? If not, what’s stopping you??

Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Join a Market that Gives Back to the Local Community!

BloomsyBox Valentines Roses, Monthly Deliveries, Celebrate all Year

Hey y’all!

Today, I wanted to talk a little about a new market I have recently started using and LOVE!!


Note: some links may be Affliate links which means if a product or membership is purchased through my link, then I may recieve a commission fee based off that purchase. This is at absolutely NO COST to you, so Thank you for that! This commission fee has no influence on my opinions and recommendations.  My opinions are strictly mime and are honest and true! See my full disclosure here

Thrive Market is one of my newest and  favorite-ist online stores!!! Thrive sells all the top organic and healthy products at
wholesale prices (25-50% off)!!!! Plus they ship your order straight to your door!


Here are my favorite things about the Thrive Market and why I believe you’ll love them too!!!

They have the a HUGE Inventory of the Best Quality Products:

Thrive Market has all the top premium healthy and organic products that can
usually be bought from your local grocery store but unlike your typical organic & non-GMO products that are always marked up to premium prices, Thrive Market sells the same premium products at wholesale prices!  

They Have Compiled  a Full-proof Business Model that Works for Almost Everyone:

So how do they do that?  Thrive Market cuts out all the middlemen and works directly with the brands you love most!  Then they pass all the savings onto their members! Members ALWAYS get everyday wholesale pricing at 25-50% off the best healthy and organic premium products for ONLY $60/year! Just to put it in
perspective, I made back my membership in savings within my first two orders (this is average range for most members and there’s a membership guarantee).


They Give Back to the Local Community:

I believe this may be the BEST part about the entire Thrive Market. For EVERY paid membership, Thrive Market donates a membership to a low-income family, veteran or teacher—so together we are all making healthy living affordable for
everyone. Now, that’s a company I’m honored to support!

Using the Thrive Market is 10x Easier than a Grocery Store

Thrive Market makes it super easy to shop! Not only is it all online and ships straight to your door, but every single product is tagged by over 90 different values, so you can sort through the entire catalog by categories such as: Non-GMO, Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Sustainably
Farmed, etc.

I mentioned the Guaranteed Membership earlier, but what do I mean?

Your membership will pay for itself in savings within the first year, guaranteed! If not, you will be credited the difference in Thrive Market credit when you renew!

So that’s why I have been converted to using the Thrive Market for my grocery shopping!!

If you would like to also join the incredible Thrive Market and cut your grocery bill in half, still maintain the healthy and organic products you already use, cut out grocery stores and their marked up prices, and have these AMAZING products and deals delivered to your front door in no time, click the Learn More below to SIGN UP TODAY!!




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Thrive Market sells your favorite organic and non-gmo brands for up to 50% off retail.




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