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how this mom and stepmom saves money for family of 5

How a Mom and Stepmom Saves Money for Her Family of 5!

*please NOTE some links found on my site are Affiliate links which means if a product or service is purchased through my link I will receive a commission off of it this is at NO EXTRA charge to you EVER! I only promote the products & services I trust and use! This is a sponsored post by VOUCHERTODAY and I will receive compensation for writing it!

Having a family of 5 is no cheap ordeal! Even the well known fast food cheap options for dinners are NO cheap takeout for us and families like us!

Saving money becomes much more than a hobby, but more of have to to survive! Just merely couponing is not going to get you very far, as you may have already noticed. So what additional ways can you as a mom and/or stepmom practice to save money?

Let me show you some of the ways my family and I save money online and through apps that are free to download!

I have featured resources for coupons and discounts, online shopping for numerous items including clothing, shoes, and accessories and cash back app that give you rebates on items you have already bought!

While doing so alone doesn’t get you very far, couponing in addition to the following solutions can help immensely! Not sure how or where to start couponing? Check out the list below for some options to help!

  • Vouchertoday- this is a brand new discount and coupon site I know you will love! They offer exclusive discounts and offers on everything from movies, take out food, events and MORE!! Use this link and check them out today! Let them know A Blended Momma sent you!
  • CouponSurfer– not only print out coupons for nearly anything you can buy, but earn a percentage of what you spend back! Sign up free today here!
  • Refundsweepers– this is another site I use to print of coupons and get free merchandise! Use my link here to join for FREE!
  • Shoppers Voice-this website offers free coupons, chances to earn free merchandise, and to participate in surveys in exchange for rewards! Check out this opportunity here!


Did you know shopping online could save you money too? Here are some stores I use when shopping for my family and I’s clothing and accessories that you should try too! Everyone needs clothes, shoes, and accessories from time to time, especially when you have growing kids, so why not SAVE money when buying them too?

  • Swap.com– This is the largest online thrift store around! Savings are huge here on clothing, shoes, and accessories! The best part is if you use my link here and we BOTH get rewarded! (hint you’ll get 20% off your 1st order!)
  • Restitch– this is an awesome online thrift store! You can find gently worn name-brand clothes, shoes, and more for up to 90% off retail price! Use my code at checkout THRIFT15 and get 15% off your first purchase!!
  • Dollar Tree– I know this should be an obvious one, but you would be shocked at how many people don’t realize the awesome products and deals they can get by shopping at Dollar Tree! Everything is $1, come on now!! Use this link and shop Dollar Tree online today!

Cash back apps and reward programs are also great ways to save money! I have listed my favorite and most commonly used ones below!

  • Ibotta– This is by my FAV cash back app it has so many commonly used stores, brands, and products! Plus they offer bonus opportunities to earn all the time!!m Use my referral code today RAPNGYR and join MY Ibotta team and let’s earn together!
  • Checkout 51– This is my 2nd favorite cash back app. This one has plenty of ways to earn and save on purchases you’ve made but doesn’t separate them by stores like Ibotta. Use my link here to join me on Checkout 51!

Traveling as a family of 5 can seem like an impossible endeavor for those who aren’t aware of online savings!! Here are some of the ways my family saves on traveling!

  • CityPass– This is an awesome option if your traveling to a city such as Atlanta, Boston, or Tampa. You get 50% off the entire CityPass which always includes 5+ of that city’s MAIN attractions for families!! Use my link and get 50% today!!
  • MSC Cruises: thinking of taking a cruise, but don’t know where to start or how you would ever afford it? MSC cruises offers amazing deals for any type of cruise your wanting! Use my link and search the deals today!
  • Cheapoair- Is the vacation your dreaming of too far to drive? Take a plane ride for way cheaper than you think, use my link and save today! Need the savings ASAP? Use this code USA18 and save 18$ now!

As I have shown you in the different ways above, saving money with a family of 5 is NOT impossible!

It will, however, take time and preparation! Every time you go shopping you will need to make a list of the must-have items! My advice would be before going to the store or hopping online to actually shop is to check for coupons that match your list and/or rebates on the cash back sites! This will ensure that you purchase the right products and save the most money!

I hope that this has opened your eyes new ways to save money!

Stars, Stripes and Savings! Save up to $18 on flights & hotels with promo code USA18. Book Now!
Having a big family isn’t as expensive as we most of the time make it! Use these resources and let me know how they help you save money! Do you have additional ways that you and your family use to save money? I would love to hear about them and add them to my list to help others utilize them and save! Let me know in the comments below!


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A Sure-Fire Way To Make REAL Cash This April!

Are you looking for a surefire way to make REAL cash this April??

I have the only LEGIT quick and easy approach to make REAL MONEY right here! 

Ever heard of the Ibotta app cashback rewards? Its an app that earns you REAL LIFE cash on the products you already buy!!

Better yet, from the stores your already buying them from! You can cash out at as little as $20!

You can also choose between getting your money transfered directly to your Paypal or print out gift cards from leading stores such as Walmart, Lowes, and more!

So you can make money with this app DAILY, what makes April so special? 

I’ll tell you why, Ibotta wants to be BEST BUDS this April so they are hosting a REFERRAL MATCH event! 

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Heres how it works!

1. Use My link and be directed to downlaod the app, enter my code  rapngyr Enjoy your $10 welcome bonus from me! 🙂

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3. Add your loyalty reward cards for the stores that allow it.

4.Redeem your first offer to be eligible for this promotion. There are 283 different stores to choose from!

Here are just a few: 


4. Once you have items you want to see if Ibotta has an offer, scan the barcode using the app, make sure you have a valid and in date receipts for all the items in question.

5. Once you have verified that the product you have, is the right product that they are offering a rebate on, and you have all the items off of one reciept scanned in, hit redeem offers.

***Remember offers exspire so always check the date range, also offers require different quantities and sizes, sometimes you may think you have the right product but its not the correct size. The barcode scanner will let you know, which you can use in store to check before you buy! ***


Reedeming Offers:

There are 3 different ways to redeem your offers:

Manual Receipt Submission:

    • Tap “Redeem” on the Navigation Bar. Select the appropriate Retailer.

    • Take clear photos of your receipt and select any eligible offers.

    • Some of our supported retailers will require you to scan a QR code 

    • If prompted, scan the barcodes of your selected products.

2. Preferred Partner/Loyalty Card Submission: 

    • With specific retailers, users must connect their loyalty card and add offers to their Ibotta account prior to shopping.

    • Users will automatically receive credit for successful redemptions within 48 hours. 

3. Mobile Shopping Submission:

    • Our Mobile Shopping retailers allow for in-app or app-to-app purchases. You will not need to send us a receipt but we do encourage you to hold on to the confirmation email until the offer has completed.

 Here are a few of the mobile app stores:

Getting Paid:

 See simple and easy! Want to see even more ways to earn with Ibotta?

Check these optional ways below:

When you invite friends from the app it will look like this:

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What about you? Are you already ultilizing this amazing cash back service? If not make sure to sign up today and rack up these April Bonus’s! I would LOVE if you’d be apart of my team, which you can sign up for here

Can you tell us what cash back services YOU have been using? Leave your feedback in the comments below!


Did you LOVE this post? If so, feel free to share it so other people can learn about Ibotta as well! Also, check out these other money saving strategies I would reccomend!

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Ways to Use DIY Projects to Save on Birthday Parties


My oldest daughter wanted to Have a Mermaid themed Birthday Party one ye4ar. I started looking at party decorations and items to purchase for the event, when I came to this conclusion.

How to Use DIY Projects to Cut cost at your Child's Birthday party 

One, chain retail stores are killing it on revenue from party supplies and probably quadrupling the actual item cost. Two, I am not an artist but I can follow directions well enough to save a TON of money on party decorations!

Some items we made ourselves for my daughters Mermaid Themed Birthday Party:

Note: some links are Affiliate links which means if you purchase an item through my link I will receive pa commission based fee off said products at NO CHARGE to you! So thank you for that.  I only promote products and services I completely trust and use myself! 

  • the “mermaids enter here” sign

This was so simple, my husband literally cut four pieces of wood and made one a ‘sign holder’ the other three were cut the same size. We nailed the three onto the sign holder piece with the middle piece a slight bit further out then the outer two. I painted the background a mix of blue and pink with silver glitter. When that dried I stenciled in the letters, and I hot glued some shells onto it.

– party favors

I went to my local craft store and purchased pink, purple, and blue necklace cord for really cheap like this:

I had plenty of shells around the house from trips to the beach. I took a bunch of the shells and basically made a mess with paint, but I just rubbed them all around in pink and blue paint. It made a really pretty mermaid looking color. Then I sprayed them with glitter glaze which leaves a hard cover over them. After that I took my husband’s drill and a very small drill bit and made a small hole in the top of the shells. The shells I didn’t paint pink and blue, I just sprayed with the glitter glaze so it was a pretty off white color. I took the cord and made some necklaces and some bracelets for the party bags.

If you don’t have any shells they have plenty at Wal-Mart for really good prices


I took another batch of shells and hot glued small pearl beads into the middle of them so they looked like pearl clams and sprayed them with the glaze as well.


– table centerpieces


I don’t know about anyone else, but I always seem to have alot of unused vases. Like flower vases, so I took those and sprayed the outside with spray glue and then sprinkled different glitter colors on each of them. I filled them up with small round “rocks” that I found on sale at my local Michael’s which only cost me about $2. They were adorable!

– party activities

For one of the party activities my daughter wanted a treasure hunt, so we found a cheap chest that we decorated with, yep you guessed it glitter again. We filled it with sand and put some change from our spare change drawer, some of the shells with pearls on them and a few other items we purchased at the dollar tree. It was a hit!

– my daughters outfit

Now this wasn’t DIY but it was so, so cheap! I purchased it off of Ebay, just typed in kid mermaid costume and I found it so quick. It cost me less than $10

– themed tableware

We used a $1 white tablecloth with all the table decorations we hand made we didn’t need a custom tablecloth.


I printed off mermaids pictures from Pinterest and put some in frames to hang around the room. I also printed off cupcake toppers and  glued them onto cardstock to make it thicker. I printed off the small mermaid designs to place onto the cups as well. For the napkins and plates we bought plain baby blue and a light purple color.

Find everything you could ever need at ANY mermaid birthday party

( An alternative that’s only a little more costly are the pre made mermaid themed party items from Wal-Mart)


With all the colors and glitter thrown in, the party looked awesome! My daughter loved it and it was a very stressfree event overall!!

Birthday Parties for kids don’t need alot of money thrown into them! Make the day special by making them feel special and loved!!

Before starting any projects always double check at your local  Walmart.com – Homepage and make sure there are no sales going on related to the party supplies. I find ALOT of party supplies on clearence or highly marked down nearly everytime I shop at Walmart!


 What DIY projects have you created to cut cOSt at any party? I would LOve to hear your thOughts! Leave them in the commenTS below! 

 Of course if you have your own Cricut Machine you could make Freaking ADORABLE custom invites, placecards, paper decor, all using your own machine! 

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