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one-on-one Stepmom COaching Sessions & Programs

Stepmom Coaching Sessions & Programs Now Available

Stepmom Coaching Sessions and Programs

A Blended Momma is now offering coaching for Stepmoms!

What are the Benefits of Stepmom Coaching?

The WHY you should do Coaching is…
-Gain a Clear Understanding of what your role in within your stepfamily is
-Learn how to Communicate Effectively with your partner about issues your having
-Help with Establishing Clear Rules & Boundaries
-Learn How to Deal with Stepmom Stressors
-You create achievable, realistic and attainable goals for yourself and your family

By the End of Coaching you Will Have…

-A greater sense of confidence and self-esteem in who you are
-A stronger and healthier family relationship
-A sense of fulfillment and personal accomplishment
-A feeling of belonging and unity in the family
-A Unique plan for YOUR stepfamily to live a happier life

What IS Coaching & How Does IT Work?

How It Works

Coaching starts by looking at your unique family dynamics and see where the main issues are. Then, we explore different ways to help resolve the conflicts and struggles your having by establishing an actionable pan. We identify individual roles within the family and create healthy boundaries for each person. We look at what types of expectations are realistic and which ones are not and how you can distinguish the two. Then we will cover any other issues you are facing and address any questions you may have! Finally, I will provide you with resources and further recommendations for you!

Coaching only becomes successful if you fully invest your time and energy into it. There are no guarantees but if you listen to my suggestions, do the homework, and actively participate you will be doing everything you can and just knowing that can be life-altering. This is a great opportunity to learn a new way to function and succeed as a family, in your marriage, and in your personal achievements.

Coaching–You are not alone, I am here to help

Coaching is done either via video chat, telephone or email. The different methods of coaching allows you to work with me in different ways. If you are more anxious about meeting via video or phone for whatever reason, email coaching may be the way for you to go! All the types of sessions are effective if you are ACTIVE. Meetings are scheduled ahead of time, prior to each session you will fill out a form for you specific family and situation so that during our session I can be prepared adequately. All discussions are confidential. During our sessions, email consultations can support you if and when problems arise, you will also have additional emails sent to you on certain session types to help you through the program, as well as follow up emails . I am available to guide you every step of the way.

Results You Can Expect

Coaching gives you strategies and tools, goals that are do-able, using clear examples you can refer to in everyday life, usually ones I have learned the HARD way. By having someone who has been there and understands where you are coming from, you CAN improve and transform your family.   Your Stepfamily will only get better with time and work put in!

-You will feel a sense of togetherness and start to bond more with each other
-Anxiety and stress will lessen for each of you
-You will learn how to ask for support from your spouse/partner and others
-You will gain self-confidence and self-esteem in your role as a stepparent
-You will feel more empowered and knowledgeable about how to deal with situations that arise within your step-relationship
-And SO Much More

Why am I offering Stepmom Coaching?

I have always had and still have a huge passion for others and at this time I have directed my passion towards Stepmoms! I want to help you live happy, healthy lives you can LOVE!

How am i qualified to coach you?

I  have been the bio mom, the mom, and the Stepmom for over 4 years now! Everything I learned was on my own! I had a long anf exhausting journey but I made it and love my life now! I want help new and existing Stepmoms do the same!

Each session or program will include you filling out a form about your own unique and personal situation and styles! This needs to be done PRIOR to the actual session!

I created Stepmommin 102:The Ultimate Survival Guide for All Stepmoms, a massive all inclusive course but it wasn’t enough!
Now those of you want/need one on one time, can have it!

What types of Stepmom Coaching and Programs will you offer?

  • Mini Session $25
  • : 1-30min Session

  • 1hr Session $50
  • : 1-1hr Session

  • Ongoing Mini Session (2wks) $40
  • : 2- 30 mins Sessions

  • Ongoing 1 hr Session (2wks) $60
  • : 2-1 hour Sessions

  • Ongoing Mini Session  (1mth) $80
  • : 4- 30 min Sessions

  • Ongoing 1 hr Session (1mth) $140
  • : 4- 1 hr Sessions

  • Be a Better Stepmom (1 mth program) $150
  • : a 1 month program including sessions and additional emails throughout. If you don’t have a chance to take my Stepmommin’ 102 course this is perfect for you! There is also a workbook you will get to work through during the program!


How do I Schedule an Appointment?

If you would like to schedule a session or program click the button below to purchase then you’ll be taken to my appointment calendar to pick a date!

Choose your Session

I look forward to chatting with you!

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How to Handle Being a Stepmom on Mothers Day

How to Handle Being a Stepmom on Mothers Day this year.



How to Handle Being a Stepmom on Mothers Day

I know the day coming so soon is making your emotions CRAZY right?

Questions spiralling through your mind such as, “Should I expect to be celebrated by my stepchild?” , “How will I handle celebrating Mothers Day with my bio kids and my stepchild be against it?”

I am sure you have thousands of “what ifs”, right? Thats okay, your not crazy,  I promise! I had them as well!!

If you are being celebrated as a Stepmom on Mothers Day, then YAY!

You have an awesome and supportive family, that you should feel blessed to have. Many however, are not so fortunate.

For whatever reason you are not being celebrated or you are not sure.. this is for you!

First and foremost, as I am sure you are well-aware of, us Stepmoms get underappreciated alot!

Its the nature of being a Stepmom in today’s world, unfortunately!

Do not let this get you down!

This doesn’t mean you aren’t “important” or aren’t doing a good job at being Stepmom, I am sure your doing just fine!! Don’t let Mothers Day blues define you as a Stepmom! Your better than that! You don’t need to celebrated on Mothers day to be a good Stepmom so never think that!

Secondly, believe it or not, its not just Stepmoms who unappreciated on Mothers Day!

Yes, bio moms are unappreciated and watch many Mothers Days pass by without ever being acknowledged or celebrated! Again,  it doesn’t mean they are bad moms or they aren’t loved, its just a fact of life.

Third, don’t expect the man of the house to remember and to arrange the Mothers Day celebration for you, Stepmoms!

Men do not think like us, and they tend to forget the special holidays that dont affect them! Don’t be too harsh on them, they are just men you know! 😂

Having a celebration on Mothers Day as a Stepmom isn’t neccesary. Don’t let whatever outcome you see from it affect YOU!

If you have both bio and stepchildren as I do, and your stepchild is against the celebration on your behalf, CELBRATE ANYWAY!

You are a Mom and if your bio kids want to do something special for you, let them!

Of course you can help your stepchild prepare his or her own bio mom  (if in the picture) a present or card. Be supportive of him or her celebrating her as well!

Likewise, be sure to talk to your stepchild kindly and be supportive of him or her not wanting to celebrate yourself as their Stepmom! The child shouldn’t be forced too. He or she is probably feeling alot of the same emotions he/she felt when your blended family just came about! Be supportive and loving!

Your stepchild may feel as though he/she is being loyal to the bio mom by not celebrating you as their Stepmom.

The child may feel like partaking in any celebration of you would hurt the bio mom.  Be sure to make your stepchild know you realize your not his or her bio mom and would never force them to do anything he or she was uncomfortable with!

Being a Stepmom is tough, I know! Some days such as Mothers Day, is tougher than others for some us!

Having a strong support system is an awesome remedy for days like this! I would like to encourage you to join The Bonus Mom Club.

What is it? 

This is a New, Private Stepmom Exclusive Community, and its a ready-made support system for Stepmoms all over!! 

This is a place that you, a Stepmom, can come 100% judgement free, and seek and give advice, support, and encouragement from other Stepmoms just like you!

You will be able to meet, connect, and engage with other Stepmoms freely!

You will have access to free Stepmom resources, support groups, amd events both on and offline!

Membership is $25/month thats it! No group fee or extra cost and you are free to cancel after a month if you don’t enjoy it! You can also pay annually at $250/yr which saves you $50!!

That’s it, one fee opens a whole new Stepmom world up for you!

How would it feel to have a group of Stepmoms to come and chat with anytime you were feeling down or had doubts? Pretty amazing I would say!

Being a Stepmom for four years, I have lost a lot of “friends” over the years and haven’t met many Stepmom friends to replace the loss. This is an opportunity to meet as many Stepmom friends as you want!! All this without fear or judgement from non-stepmom individuals!!

If you would like to join please fill out this form here–>Form and I will contact you via email shortly after!

Want a FREE month trial to, The Bonus Mom Club?

When you enroll in my course Stepmommin 102: The New & Improved Ultimate Survival Guide for All Stepmoms, you will get an ENTIRE MONTH FREE no risk or obligation trial membership to the community!!

I also will reward members for reffering other Stepmoms to the community!

Come join us and let the stress of being a Stepmom on Mothers Day, be a thing of the past!!



How are YOU feeling about this upcoming Mothers Day as a Stepmom? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! Use the comment section below to tell me all about it!





Are we friends on Facebook yet?

I have an awesom private Stepmom group on Facebook I would love for you to join! Heres the link to it–> Facebook Group


Not quite ready for the massove course of Stepmommin 102? Check out my FREE Mini course here


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The Top 5 Basic Survival Skills for Stepmoms

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The Top 5 Basic Stepmom Survival Strategies!

The Top 5 Basic

Stepmom Survival



Please Note* some links found on my site may be affilaite links. All this means is that if you purchase a product or service through my link on my site, I may recieve a commission off of it. This is at NO COST to you EVER! Thank you for your support, I truly appreciate it! No worries here, I only promote products and services I know or trust 100%! 

I believe we have firmly established that being a Stepmom is hard. That’s really the only thing that is indeed, cemented into the Stepmom role, its hard.

We get it, I believe we all get it. We know  there will be struggles, some typical and some not-so-typical. Some of us get intertwined with crazy EX’s, like truly crazy. Some of us get the step kids that are mini versions of Dennis the Menace (or perhaps giant versions).

Some of us live in those neighborhoods, you know the ones, that have a Desperate Housewives feel, and the woman are ALWAYS gossiping about you. Some of us deal with the spouses that either bow down to his EX, his kid, or his mom, you know what I mean!

OurFamilyWizard co-parenting app and tools to end conflict

No matter which “life as a Stepmom” we got, 99% of us had some hard issues to go through, to tackle, to GET OVER!


So why don’t we STOP discussing how hard it is, and start discussing Survival Strategies to maneuver through them, around them, over them…whatever route we take, doesn’t exactly matter, just that get through without loosing out sanity!

Is anyone with me on this? I don’t  want to sit and drown in my Stepmom Stressors, I want to eliminate them.  I don’t care if its the slow process of hitting them one-by-one, or a fast and swift knockout! 

I just want them G-O-N-EIf you can’t tell, I have given this A LOT of thought! I’m ready, are YOU??

I have created this sneaky little checklist just for you Stepmoms who are like me and want to be FREE of all these stupid Stepmom Stressors swirling around your head at all!!

This checklist is FREE and printable so you can feel free to print it out, multiple copies, if needed and stick them all over the house! This is the Top 5 Basic Survival Strategies for Being a Stepmom Checklist!!

top 5 stepmom strategies


Want the ENTIRE survival guide? In fact the ULTIMATE Survival Guide for All Stepmoms? A course that contains EVERYTHING you need to know as a Stepmom plus some!!!

That’s not all either!! This course comes with an ENTIRE month FREE trial to The Bonus Mom Club!!! This is a new private stepmom exclusive community that I created to be a ready-made support system for Stepmoms all over the world!!

Amazing, right?

I believe so!! Head on over and enroll today! You’ll thank me later!! 🙂

stepmommin 102

To be taken to the Stepmommin’ 102: The Ultimate Survival Guide for All Stepmoms sales page click here, to go straight to check out click here!

Want to join The Bonus Mom Club without enrolling in the course?

That’s fine! Just click here!


What are YOUR ideas on Stepmom Survival Strategies?

I would LOVE to hear your ideas!

Feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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